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The Exchange People who transacted with virtual currency aren't the only ones who'll be checking the yes box on their next year. If you received any crypto for free, you're still live price chart for binary options to check yes on the front of your tax return, according to newly released draft instructions from the IRS.

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Exchanged some virtual currency for goods and services or for other property — including different cryptocurrency? You still need to answer yes.

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You'll also need to keep records of your transactions, which can get tricky if you're using multiple exchanges or different types of cryptocurrency. Property, not currency The IRS considers virtual currency to be property — the same way it treats stocks or other investments.

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This way, if you bought some Ethereum and then sell it or if you swap it for something else, you've incurred a capital gain or a capital loss. If you captured a gain, then you're responsible 0 01 bitcoin earnings taxes.

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  • While the content is written primarily for the US, most countries tend to follow a similar approach.

Once you know the IRS has access to the information, it's better to come into compliance before they come calling. Crypto in payment Virtual currency from an employer is treated like wages.

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That means federal income taxes and FICA taxes apply. If you mine cryptocurrency, you're also required to include it in your taxable income.

N Love to break down complex blockchain projects in simple terms, so that a common user can understand This is own life story of how I managed to accumulate a Bitcoin without any financial investment.

You would include the fair market value as of the date you received it. The IRS has been cracking down on unreported transactions in recent years.

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Last year, the agency sent letters to more than 10, taxpayers with virtual currency transactions, telling them to pay back taxes and file amended returns. Failing to report income can carry hefty penalties and interest. Be aware of your basis krisanapong detraphiphat Moment Getty Images Transacted in virtual currency this year?

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Know three key points: the fair market value of at the time of the transaction, your basis — the amount you originally paid when you acquired the asset — and the holding period. Several software providers have emerged — including LukkaTax and Bitcoin.

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Tax — to help individuals keep track of their transactions and basis. Expect the taxman to take a hard line with compliance around crypto.

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