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It mines for Monero, which is far less CPU-intensive. Bitcoin Miner - be4f08ddcb57bfbbcb8ae9dfdff03c The second fake Android app was discovered on February 3,though it might have been on some marketplaces since December This one simply does not mine for anything, but it does display several ads.

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So, it is basically an adware wrapped in a nice looking mining application where a miner collects bitcoins The application makes a lot of effort to seem legitimate: The website below has a professional look the link to the Play Store is broken though, as the application has been removed from the marketplace.

There is a support email.

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There is a Privacy Policy. Actually, you get upgraded to the "Demo Premium Plan" even if you do not rate the app ; The bitcoins withdrawal feature is also fake.

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The code is quite explicit: once you request a payment, the app simulates the transaction flow. At the beginning, the transaction will be marked "Pending".

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Then 5 days later, it changes its status to "Approved". Then 5 days later to "In Processing", and finally to "Sent".

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