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If you are passionate about photography, want financial freedom, and want to make money from photography, read on. But I hope it will give you some ideas.

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How to monetize your photography Okay, it is better to aim high than low. If you do commercial photography for a big client, you can charge a lot of money.

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At first they said yes, and we proceeded with logistics. Unfortunately it fell through. I was probably too expensive. We handle the payments via woocommerce.

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Can you find ten students in the entire planet earth of 7 billion people to attend? Hell yeah you can.

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You must be an expensive photographer. We make the mistake of trying to sell a lot of how to make 600 thousand quickly cheap product. Do not be a Walmart photographer.

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You will die. Any college student can technically afford that in America by taking out a student loan what I did when I was in college.

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And any college student or 18 year old can make damn good photos. This is who you are competing against— students who will do great work for free. Most of these college kids are actually probably better than you and me. But the secret is knowing how to brand, market, and advertise yourself and your services.

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The harder you work, the luckier you get. The harder you work and hustle the more lucky you will get in life. For example, if you work hours a week, versus the guy working only 10 hours a week, your chance of success is probably going to be x more than the other guy.

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The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus taught us: The only thing given to mortals is hard work. If we want to become rich or make a living from our passion, we need to work fucking hard.

How to earn $10,000 a month as a photographer

For example, you might be wondering how you can charge so much money for your photography services or products. The secret is to build trust. A brand is just a symbolism of trust.

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For example, I trust that if I wear Nike shoes, I will be stronger, sexier, and more athletic. If I wear a Rolex I will be richer.

Photograph an Event You only need one client to start a business! See if one of your parents or parents' friends are hosting an event where you can charge for your photography skills! If you don't have a nice camera, you can rent one and take a photography class online. Once you take pictures at one event, you can get a referral to start photographing other events! Senior pictures are also a great opportunity to use your photography skills!

If I use an Apple product, I will feel more creative and artistic. I know this is all bullshit, but this is how human beings think. I think capitalism is here to stay, at least for the next three hundred years or so.

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Capitalism will exist our entire lives. Rather than complain and moan about it, let us figure out how we can exploit capitalism for fun and our personal benefit and freedom.

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They trust my knowledge and expertise. I genuinely do not know a better photography teacher than myself who is empathetic, loving, practical, and motivational. I think I am certainly the most knowledgeable person on street photography probably on planet earth.