Trading on news exchange. New stock exchanges are ready to launch to compete for your trading dollar

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Brendan McDermid Reuters There's a spate of new stock exchanges ready to launch to compete for your trading dollar. Do we need more stock exchanges?

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Do we really need three more? But do we really need them? The new exchanges are being driven by a desire to hit different market niches, from a group that wants long-term investors, to one that is just looking to create a cheaper place to trade.

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How does this work practically? Ries says that initially, it will target private companies looking to go public and share their values, but he is hopeful that big companies that are already listed will share their vision and switch as well.

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I think companies should have a committee dedicated to long-term thinking. It should be just as important as the audit and compliance committees.

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These firms are united in the belief that fees charged by the existing exchanges are too high, everything from market fees to connectivity fees. We also want our members to have more of a voice in trading on news exchange structure.

Investors want to be better represented in the conversation about how markets are structured.

Retail investors have seen their overall costs decline. For the sell side — the community that buys metal rolling metotrading sells stocks — the past 10 years have been terrible. But Kellner says the industry needs to be run more efficiently.

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They feel if they were running they could keep costs lower," he said. It's debatable, but their complaints have caught the attention of the Security and Exchange Commission.

New stock exchanges are ready to launch to compete for your trading dollar

The SEC has made it clear it wants to boost competition in securities markets and has already been in a legal tussle with the NYSE and Nasdaq over fees those exchanges charge for data. Members Exchange is planning to launch a Phase One rollout of seven stocks on Sept.

Trade balance 9.

Instead, it is going after those with the largest amount of trading activity. That, of course, is the members. Kellner insists we do: "Ninety-seven percent of on-exchange flow are controlled by three companies: ICE, Nasdaq and Cboe," he said.

Earnings reports: It is generally advisable to have a trading strategy in advance of an earnings report, because a stock can bounce around in a much wider range post-earnings, as compared to the swings in an index after a data release.

And if it succeeds in reducing costs, will the savings be passed on to trading on news exchange — those who are doing the trading — or is this just an effort to maximize profits for the buy side? What, me worry?

How To Trade The News

If they are, they don't show it. The NYSE declined to comment, but there is reason to believe its sentiment is similar.

He has provided education to individual traders and investors for over 20 years. Article Reviewed on August 24, Gordon Scott Updated September 17, The decision to buy a security based on rumors and then sell it when news breaks may sound like a precarious plan, but it can also be a clever one. Traders sometimes turn this idea into a trading strategy that draws upon what they believe will occur in a forthcoming economic report or event. When the trader buys an asset-based on this speculation, that constitutes the rumor phase of the strategy.

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