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Binomo: scam or not? Our team have made a thorough study of thematic forums and portals that posted all kinds of information and reviews about the financial company Binomo. A certain part of the information and feedback had a clearly negative direction. As it turned out, the emergence of such a negative was mainly triggered by transition of the broker to a new trading platform and change of bank, which was trusted to store client trading deposit accounts.

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Naturally, during such significant changes certain technical difficulties arose. Technical problems caused a wave of rumors about scam at Binomowhich quickly came to naught after the brokerage company debugged its work. The new trading platform is characterized in rather enthusiastic colors, because it provided the opportunity for traders to withdraw earned funds, as promised, in a hour period.

Binomo: scam or not?

The Binomo company was able to achieve a qualitative improvement terms of trading at the new trading platform, however, temporary technical difficulties led to spreading over the Internet of rumors about scam at Binomo on the network. Well, it is not in vain that they say that not a single good deed goes unpunished. Looking through other complaints about work of the broker, our team came to conclusion that their level is within field that is very far from critical level.

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Based on this, one can safely make conclusions about quality of the brokerage company, which successfully copes with its functions.

The new trading platform of the company creates conditions for trading binary options with a decent profit and quite comfortably. Binomo — is it a scam or not? Therefore, to talk that Binomo is a scam?

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It would be a real slander against the indicated broker. The company is binsecret binary options platform as a relatively new player in binsecret binary options platform options market, which is present on it only since For several years, the financial company managed to prove itself as a leader in terms of introducing innovations, and showed an impressive growth in market presence.

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Therefore, it is hardly worth posting reviews that Binomo — is a scam. If we talk about regulator, the Russian CROFR commission acting in this capacity guarantees clients of the brokerage campaign that, if Binomo has any financial problems, returning of funds placed on trading accounts should not cause any particular difficulties.

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With such a regulator in place, fraud at Binomo is simply impossible. But actually it is not.

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And also we will try to pay attention to some key phrases through which fraudsters manage to manipulate a human mind. Short-term bogus site — sign number 1 To quickly determine whether Binomo is a scam or not, one should look first at a site of the brokerage company.

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Negligence in selection of design, signs that pages was made in haste, clearly indicate that site is not intended for long-term use, but was designed only to earn some money quickly and nothing more. Further it is worth looking at a number of pages on the Internet resource of interest.

With a number of pages with text less than a dozen, one can safely say that there is no site as such. Such an Internet resource qualifies as an ordinary landing page, which is created for short-term use in order to attract users through advertising and rob them. When users figure out what they are dealing with and start posting truthful reviews of a negative nature, scammers will at some point resort to a banal renaming of the project.

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When a new page appears on the Internet, texts on it are likely to remain the same. Massive advertising The second important moment in detection fraud on binary options is an abundance of advertising.

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In our field, the amount of advertising is directly opposite to the quality of the project. But the conversation is not about that. One can confidently say that abundance of advertising and quality of project in our case are inversely proportional.

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The likelihood that the information about availability of one or another way of easy money earning, obtained after clicking on a banner or advertisement, is fraudulent, is close to one hundred percent.

The situation seems to be similar with a message that suddenly arrived on a phone or email, offering to quickly how to invest in bitcoins through something very attractive and at a very low cost.

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Excessive assertiveness in such cases is a clear sign that it is a proposal to sell something that is not have much use. As a rule, good offers are not being made for everyone. When they say that Binomo is a scam, because that was said in some reviews, it is worth looking at them with your own eyes. Presence of only laudatory reviews, often of a same type, should be suspicious.

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