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Madge's crucifiction act could land her in slammer - india - Hindustan Times

His flowing mane and spontaneous one-liners to the toughest of daily occurrences in chaste English belie the fact that he's been behind bars for over 10 years, convicted along with six others on charges of kidnapping and extortion of a Saudi citizen. A student of the prestigious Hindu College, Delhi, with a post-grad degree in advertising and marketing from the hallowed Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai, Kaurik looks every bit a client servicing maverick who could have made it big on any account-if he hadn't landed up the way he did as the right-hand-man of Rajesh Goyal, superintendent of Prison 2, at Tihar Jailthe country's largest slammer bounded by acres.

He pushed a mouthy kid out of his classroom, seizing him by the ear.

That's right. The eyes and ears of Goyal, this lifer doesn't do just the usual filing duties but also takes calls when Goyal is out on his rounds and liberally doles out advice that the year-old superintendent seems to lap up. Kumar, convicted inhas been in prison for over eight years and is an ace advocate for those inmates who cannot afford the high legal fees. In his endeavour to fight their cases, he's ably assisted by five other inmates with law backgrounds.

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They may be in for sin but the options before jail authorities is mind-numbing. While the rest are pushed into vocational training and absorbed in prison industry, managerial activity in the confines of the steep prison walls pretty much rests with the staff and 'professional' inmates.

Brijesh Kumar Gupta, director general prisonsa heathen when it comes to the dreaded death penalty, would second that.

At Jail no. After all, like the other nine jails in Tihar and their respective superintendents, Goyal has to have a way with the inmates he manages directly.

Madge's crucifiction act could land her in slammer

But surprisingly, what makes this jailhouse rock are its inmates. From running the prisoner welfare canteen to the educational, meditation and vocational programmes to the supervision of internal administration-prisoners go the whole hog, setting targets and achieving them on a daily basis.

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This parallel economy within How to quickly earn authority in the slammer notched up a Rs 11 crore turnover. While segregation of prisoners from first time to habitual offenders, terrorists etc should keep how to quickly earn authority in the slammer wandering mind at ease, rehabilitation is equally necessary to keep it busy.

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It is here that one gets to see a fully flourishing self-sustaining economy at work. Take, for instance, the Painting Section of Jail no.

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About six of his paintings have been sold for Rs 4, a pop. While highly skilled people professionals, like lawyers, engineers, MBAs etc. The unskilled workforce is also drawn into the productive cycle at Rs 40 daily.

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Similarly, in the Computer Room next door, Rizwan Ahmed, was giving basic training to some of the inmates. Besides, a walk across to the tailoring unit is alive with the buzz that telco giant Bharti has pledged 40, pieces of school uniform next year for its Satya Bharti schools after placing a 10,piece order this year. Adjacent to it is the shoe-making unit where about 46 convicts are meticulously beating and crafting leather to manufacture Gola branded footwear for kids.

Investigators said they apprehended two men who broke into the sand boa enclosure and, on interrogation, also arrested the mastermind of the bizarre heist, Lakshmanan, 38, of Teynampet. During interrogation, Lakshmanan revealed that he has varied links to the underworld. A senior zoo official said the zoo has a dozen sand boas and some of them are very large. The snake commands a hefty price — several lakhs of rupees in many parts of the state — because of the superstition that large and heavy sand boas bring their owners anything from a treasure to an affluent life to plain good luck, and even act as a magical cure for ailments such as joint pains. Foresters said Samson, 44, of Gowrivakkam, and Selvakumar, 53, of Kilkattalai, pretended to be regular sightseers on a visit to the zoo.

At the nearby bakery unit of Jail no. That's also largely due to Ramesh's prolific management efforts. An MBA from a southern Indian university, this lifer for kidnapping and murder, has transformed the face of the bakery, hygiene is paramount as gloved and external option price workers operating sophisticated kneading equipment can be seen across the floor.

History[ edit ] Ancient and medieval[ edit ] The use of prisons can be traced back to the rise of the state as a form of social organization. Corresponding with the advent of the state was the development of written languagewhich enabled the creation of formalized legal codes as official guidelines for society. The best known of these early legal codes is the Code of Hammurabiwritten in Babylon around BC.

Well, TJ's seem to be a familiar refrain across categories that come from the jail's factories-handmade paper bags, file covers, shirts, handkerchiefs, wooden gift items, pottery, mustard oil, candles, pickles, and the list goes on.

The jail administration has even tied up with shoe designer Swati Mehrotra for a three-month course in shoe designing for prisoners.

Tihar: Inmates turn India's largest prison into profit centre

The shoes manufactured by the prisoners would be sold as TJ's under the SwatiModo label. In October, the prison authorities even set up a vocational training institute.

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Courses in the institute range from one to three months. The results then go to the Ministry of Labour, which issues certificates to the inmates with no mention of Tihar in them.

Already, inmates have received such certificates. In the confines of the high prison walls, there are no cell phones or currency notes.

Crime and (Inappropriate) Punishment

All that the inmates earn on a daily basis is disbursed every month to their bank accounts in the prison, which they get to encash in the form of vouchers handed over by the authorities. Of course, they may buy regular groceries and items of daily use from the welfare canteen or the Amul store in the premises. By and large, all day-to-day maintenance is done by inmates, including gardening, plumbing, cobbling, ironing and tending the kitchens. Jail no. Similarly, Jail no.

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Apart from all the humdrum, 'Green Tihar' has been a rallying cry of the jail authorities for a while now. The plan is obvious, a switch from non-renewable to renewable energy. Piped natural gas, solar water heaters, rainwater harvesting, biogas plants and the use of bio-gassifiers for industrial waste are some of them.

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His indispensability to Goyal is obvious and almost on cue, he adds, "Prisons should be centres of reformation, not detention.