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Glossary In order to fully understand the basic principles of options, you must be sure to know the differences between the three frequently used terms and key parameters for every option.

Understanding How Options Are Priced

All three are prices, but their meanings are very different. It is the price that will be used if the owner of the option exercises the option.

The financial product a derivative is based on is often called the "underlying. What Are Call and Put Options? Options can be defined as contracts that give a buyer the right to buy or sell the underlying asset, or the security on which a derivative contract is based, by a set expiration date at a specific price. Note This specific price is often referred to as the "strike price. A call option is bought if the trader expects the price of the underlying to rise within a certain time frame.

For example, you may own a call option on Microsoft stock with the strike price of 20 dollars. This is the characteristic of the option. Whatever happens in the markets, the strike price of this option will always be Microsoft stock can go up to or down to zero, but the strike price of this option you have will always remain at 20 dollars.

Method[ edit ] As above, the PDE is expressed in a discretized form, using finite differencesand the evolution in the option price is then modelled using a lattice with corresponding dimensions : time runs from 0 to maturity; and price runs from 0 to a "high" value, such that the option is deeply in or out of the money.

Strike price is fixed throughout the whole life of an option. If you exercise your Microsoft option, you will buy Microsoft stock for the strike price, i.

Strike vs. Market Price vs. Underlying Price

Even when the stock options for price difference be trading at or at 15 or at 1 dollar, the price for which you buy when you exercise this option is 20 of course it does not make sense for you to exercise the option if the stock is at 15, as the option would be out options for price difference the moneyand you better buy the stock in the stock market for 15 rather than for 20 using your option. It is not fixed as a permanent characteristic of the option, but it is determined in the market by the interaction of supply and demand for the particular option in the same way as market prices for other securities are determined in other markets.

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The market price of the option is the price you pay when you buy the option and the price you get when you sell the option. The market price of the option consists of two parts, intrinsic value and time value.

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Time value represents the benefit of having the choice of exercising or not for a period of time. In general the longer the time period, the higher the time value other things being equal.

Finite difference methods for option pricing

Both intrinsic and time value can be zero — when both are zero at the same time, the option is worthless. Market Price of the Underlying The market price or spot price of the underlying security is independent of the option.

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It is the price of Microsoft stock in the stock market in the example above. It is determined by supply and demand for the Microsoft stock itself the underlying asset, not the option.

Difference between Spot price, Future Price \u0026 Strike Price or Excercise Price Hindi

Therefore, it influences the market price of the option. Remember that options are derivative securities and by definition the price of a derivative security is derived from the price of its underlying.