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JOHN W. Smith and Paul G. Priorly, remote control systems have generally been operated using a binary code. Binary codes are well known in the art and occur when either one of two conditions can exist on a given wire.

Binary codes have been utilized in remote control systems because elements such as relays and switches are peculiarly adapted to use with a normal binary code which imposes either an off or an on condition on a given wire.

Binary codes are thus able to control shaft positioning apparatus wherein permutations on the coder and decoder are matched and to control this apparatus economically.

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Remote control binar a system of shaft positioning is fully described and claimed in United States Patent 2, issued to R. May et al. Binary codes by definition require a specific number of transmission wires to control a specific number of positions or positioning apparatus. It has been established and is well known in the art that n wires are required to transmit 2" code combinations in a binary code system.

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The number of binary code combinations which normally can be transmitted and remote control binar using the oif and on code symbols is 2 The binary code combination which is not usable is called a lost" or a dead position. This dead position occurs because in the sequence of code combinations, the combination com prising no signal on all of the wires cannot actuate the usual permutation system.

Thus a complete no signal code combination on the control side of the remote control system cannot be utilized to control the positioning of the controlled side because the code combination contains no usable information. Thus, the binary code systems using wires as connecting elements have generally superior operating characteristics when compared to the non-wire systems. The wire saving occurs when the necessary transmission lines between the control and the controlled positions are reduced in number.

Thus, the more information each wire is able to carry and the associated controlled system is able to obey results in a wire saving.

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This invention saves wire by sending and using more than 2" code combinations on n wires. This invention in one specific embodiment sends ten code combinations onthreewires.

A pure binary coding system as ordinarnited rates Patent 2, Patented Feb. This invention also controls ten code positions over three wires, while a pure binary system can control only seven code positions on three wires due to the dead position. In this invention some of the transmission line wires carry trinary code combinations and remote control binar of the transmission lines carry binary code combinations. Trinary code combinations occur when three electrical conditions are imposed on a given transmission line wire.


A trinary code can control 3"1 codepositions on n wires. The normal trinary system will also lose the dead position which is the code combination when all wires are in an off condition. A complete trinary coding system is fully described and claimed in a co-pending application Serial No. This converter-repeater unit also repeats the binary code combinations which have been impressed on it and thereby eliminates the reactive carry-over which occurs on long transmission lines.

It is an object of this invention to provide a remote control system whichwill economically select any one of a plurality of control positions. It is another object of this invention to provide a remote control system which will present selection information continuously on the fewest possible number of Wires.

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It is a still further object of this invention to provide a remote control systemwhich is operable with direct more than 2"1 controlled positions using it wires. It is another object of this invention to provide a remote control system which operates using remote control binar and trinary codes and has a controlled unit responsive to various code combinations of binary and trinary codes.

These and other objects of this invention will become apparent when the following description is read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of one control unit of one illustrative embodiment of this invention; Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of one controlled unit of the same illustrative embodiment of this invention; and I Figure 3 is a schematic diagram of the general form of this invention.

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Referring now to Figure 3, the selector 20 must be variable so as to select a desired position and must also control the operation of the binary-trinary coder In one specific illustrative embodiment as shown in Figure 1, control knob 4 andthe mechanical linkages connected to remote control binar shaft to which this control knob is connected become a selector unit.

The binary-trinary coder 21 must impose the requisite code combinations on the transmission lines It is to be noted that the binary and trinary code combinations are generated individually and placed individually on certain of the transmission line wires.

In Figure 1, this binary-trinary coder consists of three t t E; 7 contact rings Stl, W, and These rings are mechanically linked by shafting or remote control binar mechanical means to the selector. The transmission lines which connect the units depicted in Figure l and Figure 2 are usually of considerable length because the control unit of Figure 1 and the a converter-repeater unit This converter unit 23 is required since the code combinations received, i.

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Some device should be'used to convert the combinations of binary and trinary codes to a pure binary code to apply to a controlled apparatus. This converter-repeater-unit is also utilized to repeat the signals which will be weak and will have a reactive carry-over. This repetition is necessary so that the over-all system will work quickly and properly during the search period of the controlled units.

This V The current will flow through diodeand not through binary-trinary code system may be applied to a properly 1 designed controlled apparatus directly; however, in view of the ease with which it can be converted to a pure binary code combination, and additionally because of this required repetition, a converter-repeater unit is provided.

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The binary decoder, which may be similar to the decoding apparatus-described in the shaft 7 positioning mechanism of the May etaL, patent, supra applies a decoding output to position a controlled apparatus 25 in conformity remote control binar the selected position of the selector unit The control unit 21, as shown in the specific embodiment in Figure 1, has a source of positive potential and a source of negative potential.

These sources of potential are separated from the remainder of the remote control binar unit by a switch 5 which is placed in the control unit to provtde a means of opening and closing the circuit to permit adjustments of the various elements therein. This invention operates as follows: Control knob 4 is rotated to select a desired position and, as shown in the specific embodiment, it may select any one of ten positions. These contact rings are shown as 50, 70, and 90, and rotate uniformly under the control of the rotation of the control knob 4.

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If the controlv knob 4 is set to select position 1 or channel 1 as shown in Figure 1, and switch 5 is closed, positive voltage is applied'from the positive voltage source 17 through the lower branch of switch 5 to contact 51 of contact ring Nordfx binary options reviews positive voltage is then applied I to wire 13 through the circuit including contact ring 50 and contact Wire 13 is one of the three wires connecting the control unit with the controlled unit.

The fourth wire which is shown as wire 14' is a common ground connection and maybe replaced with an earth return.

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The positive potential which is applied to wire 13 is hewinding. Now, if the channel selector 4 is rotated to select code position 2, a positive voltage will be applied from the positive voltage source to contact ring throughra circuit including switch 5 and'contact The positive voltage thus applied to contact ring 90 is applied to wire 11 through contact This positive voltage or potential is then applied to the winding of relay by wire remote control binar and causes a current to flow in the winding of relay to ground.

The current flowing through the winding of relay operates relaythereby connecting ground potential through contact to the binary decoder and thence to the controlled apparatus 25, thereby aligning the controlled apparatus with the positio selected by the control knob 4.

Thus, another predetermined position is selected by the channel selector, a code generated bythe binarytrinary coder, the. The code combinations of potentials which are impressed on wirellwill be binary code combinations, inasmuch as the connections to contact ring 90 are connected either to no potential or to the positive potential source.


This positive potential is then applied to wire 13 and will cause relay to operate as hereinbefore described for the selection of position 1. At the same time, the negative potential 16 is applied to contact 78 of slip ring 70 through switch 5. This negative po tential is connected to diodes and through a circuit including contact 81 and wire A negative potential applied to diodes and will cause a current to pass through diode and the winding of relay to ground.

A negative voltage thus applied to diode is the wrong polarity to operate the polarity-sensitive device.

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The current flowing through the winding of relay will cause relay to operate and apply ground potential through contact to the binary decoder and thence to the controlled apparatus. Simultaneously, the positive potential is applied to contact 98 through switch 5 and contact ring This positive potential will operate relay as hereinbefore described for the selection of position 2 will similarly apply ground potential through ground contact to the binary decoder. Thus, there is applied to the binary decoder a pluto the controlled apparatus, will 'match the controlled apparatus with the selector unit.

The remainder of the positions to which the selector unit may be rotated will cause relays, and to operate in a predeterminedv manner so.


The application of. Wire 14 is a ground return connection and is not included in the number of wires connecting the control and controlled units when computing the possible code combinations in their relationship to the number of wires being used. This is because remote control binar 14 may be replaced by an earth return at each unit. Although this invention has been described with respect to a particular embodiment thereof, it is not to be so limited, as changes and modifications may be made therein which are within the full intended scope of the most top investment projects on the Internet invention as defined by the appended claims.

What is claimed is: l. July 19, 2, Wulfsberg et al Apr.

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