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She took a software company to the Nasdaq as its CEO at the turn of the millennium. Then, along with her husband Dipak, she set up a non-profit organization Anudip Foundation in India to train people for tech jobs in emerging fields like ecommerce.

And eight years ago, she spun out iMerit, a startup that trains and employs a workforce drawn mainly from non-metro areas to annotate AI data for global clients in domains like autonomous vehicles and geospatial images. The popular perception of AI is that it takes away jobs. But iMerit, based in Kolkata and California, has turned that on its head by creating jobs in Tier-2 India to serve the growing global demand for AI data annotation.

Annotating images in geospatial images to spot crop diseases, for example, requires patience, precision and nuance, as well as an understanding of the taxonomy of plants.

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DeHaat, founded in Patna inis an exception. It uses a franchise model, working with over local micro-entrepreneurs, to work closely with farmers.

The startup helps raise farm income by providing better access to markets and inputs, apart from advisory services. Now the 1, micro-entrepreneurs DeHaat has trained take it forward. One of them is Gautam Singh, who was a driver in Delhi, sending money back home to his wife and children in Jaitipur village near Vaishali.

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Four years ago, he returned to Jaitipur to start a DeHaat centre for farmers from his village and surrounding areas.

In fact, information asymmetry causes them to sometimes settle for lesser wages, leading to income loss.


This gap led to the inception of Apna. While signing up, the platform also creates a digital profile of the user and assigns them a visiting card. Similar to a LinkedIn feed, Apna users can post details of their work.

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Apna has garnered close to 2. The platform proved particularly helpful for migrant workers forced to return home since March due to the closures and lockdowns resulting from the covid pandemic.

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Share Via India is home to around million farmers and their families. Agriculture is not always profitable for them as it requires varied resources.

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To survive, leave alone thrive, they need help on many fronts. KamalKisan, founded inattempts to help them by reducing barriers to adopt mechanisation.

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It designs, develops and manufactures agricultural equipment that help small and marginal farmers save money, effort and time. For example, the company has a three-in-one machinery option for tomato farmers, which helps with beds, mulching and weeding.

Instead, we give you a single baseplate, semki make money online with vivod all these become accessories you plug and play as you do these different operations one after another. KamalKisan has been commercially selling its equipment since Eko: Digital tools to stop the bleeding in money transfers Avast majority of the workforce in India get their income in cash.

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Many among them are workers migrating from central and eastern India to the west and south where employment opportunities are better. Put the two together and you can see why domestic money transfers amount to five trillion rupees a year, as workers send money to families back home. Two brothers, Abhinav and Abhishek Sinha, exited a telecom value-added services business over a decade ago to focus on this problem.

Thanks to initiatives like Jan Dhan, semki make money online with vivod Indians now have bank accounts, but many seldom use them.

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The Eko app helps them access banking indirectly, by simply handing cash over to a kirana store and taking cash out from a similar outlet at the other end, which is also on the platform. Eko also provides API access to its tool for any other tech platform to embed the service. Kurien told the former prime minister it was because the farmers felt a sense of ownership in the Amul brand. This led to the spread of the milk revolution.

He formed an NGO to create a similar impact among marginal farmers growing pulses and peanuts in arid areas like Adilabad and Anantapur districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. While the NGO organized the farmers into cooperatives for collective bargaining, they still lacked market linkages.

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So, four years ago, the professor spun binary options compare a private company and a brand called Farmveda, owned by the cooperatives, to invest in processing, packaging and marketing.

Now it is spreading out to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Odisha, as peanut cheese takes the cue from Amul cheese.

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This is where a digital coding school for children can come in. This, in turn, affects the milk quality and yield.

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Jodhpur-based Krimanshi attempts to solve this sustainably with its high nutrition feed, made of vegetable and fruit food surplus, residue and waste. So why not plough that food back to feed the livestock? Krimanshi began by sourcing biomaterial from dictionary of terms on making money on the Internet monitor and forests in and around Jodhpur.

Nowadays, you can easily set a specific level of transparency to any of your functional blocks simply by adding one small line of code. Despite the fact that this effect can bring numerous challenges especially when it comes to readability and contrast, it still offers considerable benefits for those who can effectively cope with it. The transparency is applied to various widgets and blocks that contain data.

Then it expanded to collecting vegetable and fruit waste from mandis, watermelon, pumpkin, other gourds, and herbal industrial waste, tulsi, jamun, amla and so on. He is a biotech engineer who studied livestock nutrition and also worked with NGOs for five years before starting Krimanshi in Krimanshi is working with 1, farmers monthly, with an average of five cows per farmer.

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