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Download MT4 Expert Advisor Template When most traders start studying Forex trading, they soon come to a decision that they want to automate their trading as much as possible.

The idea of being influenced by emotion, the stress of seeing a position in loss, and the greed of not closing a profitable trade Also, the problem of constantly having to monitor the positions No, thanks!

Creating a class Creating an EA template A template is a basic source code of a trading robot. It contains the standard program header, general properties and workpieces for the main event handlers: new tick arrival OnTicklaunch OnInit and EA deinitialization OnDeinit. When creating a template, you can define the program inputs beforehand, as well as add them to the workpiece code for additional event handlers. Fill in the following fields: Name — EA name.

A trading robot can be much better than humans at trading. It follows the rules day and night, loss or profit. Trading robot: entry signal found?

Exit signal found? As easy as that!

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Initially, coding your robot is very challenging. It is another way of thinking, and you need to translate everything into mathematical formulas, comparisons, and break down complex problems into a sequence of simple actions. After years of coding, I accumulated a good amount of functions and routines that help me daily in the development of EAs and indicators.

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It includes the basic workflow and functions of a trading expert advisor without entry and exit signals. You can add your own entry and exit signals and run it.

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This source code will significantly reduce the time you spend developing an expert advisor. Don't worry! The code is explained, so you can understand its logic.

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You can customize portions of the code to achieve your entry and exit signals and have an EA ready to use. I have also included some examples of finished Trading robot templates built with the template.