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It may not be the most technically complex or aesthetically expansive game out there, but 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure is perfect for gamers who like to plan ahead, strategize, and make tough decisions in the heat of the moment. Grab What You Can!

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Playing as an ordinary family man named Ted, you have 60 seconds to hurry around your house, grab whatever supplies you can, and bring them over to the trapdoor leading to your underground bomb shelter before time is up.

This opening process is made even more tense by the fact that the locations of different items is randomized for each playthrough, though every item you can grab is made easy to spot by a bright white outline, so you only have to do a minimal amount of searching to find a particular item. Each family member can only take one item with them when they head out, and that item could mean the difference between them making it back safely, or perishing out in the apocalyptic wasteland.

The randomized elements of both gameplay phases ensure that no two games of 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure play out the same exact way. For my review, I played 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure on my iPhone, and it was admittedly a little hard guiding Ted around the house in the first phase using touch-based controls.

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