Reviews of trading schools

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Posts: 49, since Jun Thanks: 31, given, 96, received I don't know Emmett, we've only exchanged a few emails over the years -- I believe in regards to fighting BS lawsuits from scam vendors, something we have in common. However, I am vaguely aware of his site and his concept.

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While some have only the best intentions, and end up miss representing the truth solely by lack of experience -- many others purposely lie and mislead, with the sole purpose of luring in inexperienced traders looking for help. I can't speak to his criminal background and history.

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But I do believe he was open about it and never tried to hide it. I also believe in judging people by their actions, and it seems to me his actions of late are genuinely in the interest of helping traders.

About Trading Schools. Org Trading Schools. Org was founded in as a review website that provides unbiased and honest reviews about all sorts of investment products. We write about trading educators, newsletter providers, trading software, live trading rooms, brokers, etc.

In another thread, you levied an accusation that he extorts vendors by demanding payment in exchange for positive reviews.

What proof do you have of reviews of trading schools It's a substantial claim, and if you cannot back it up then one of two things needs to happen: a delete your post making that claim immediately, or b you'll be banned for libel. We simply cannot tolerate libel in the community.

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However, if you have proof, we encourage you to share it. That's what the community is about, and I'm not afraid of any vendor or any lawsuit.

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But they are all wrong. It was actually closer to one billion dollars. Yep, nearly a billion with a capital B. Get it correct people.

I went from living in a mansion and eating unlimited shrimp cocktail to living in a concrete box and eating way too much ramen noodles. Our mans own words.

The Average Salary of a Stock Trader The average salary for a stock trader is much different depending on who you ask.