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Simply put, artificial intelligence provides unfair advantage in the financial markets. Yet day traders continue to remain an integral part of the stock trading markets globally.

trading without robots

Apart from specialist niche trading sections where corporations engage in high frequency tradingday trading by robots fails time and time again. A trading machine can only learn historical data and trade patterns.

trading without robots

But the stock markets behavior constantly changes. Savvy traders can adjust themselves to changes, while adjusting algorithms is too expensive, and time consuming.

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  • The robots allow traders to generate trading signals — indicators for action, instructing the trader to buy or sell a currency pair — or to make no trades at all.

For that reason and others, day traders still do a better job than any day trading algorithm. Humans ultimately make the decisions for trading computers Computers are facilitating many of the trades happening on the floor of exchanges globally; yet, the actual task of the algorithms is often limited to analyzing and predicting market trends.

trading without robots

The final decision to buy or sell an asset is still often determined by a human. Interestingly, Meir Barak, author of The Market Whisperer: A New Approach to Stock Tradingand founder of Tradenet observes that there will always be a place for human traders because the stock market is fluid and dynamic.

trading without robots

While you can use technical analysis to predict where the market is headed, it is often difficult to project how market participants will respond to other elements that move the binary option list such as rumors, hype and news. Seconds before the game the arbiter tells both that the rules have changed, and the rook can also move in the diagonal.

The person would be confused but know how to respond.

trading without robots

Meir Barak introducing a technical analysis session Trading without robots automated stock market will eventually lead to uninspiring investment returns The value of artificial intelligence is readily obvious in trading scenarios with predefined input and data streams. Currently, only corporations and high-net worth individuals can afford the algorithm trading tools that big banks used for averaging and the ones that corporations used for arbitraging and other nano-seconds activities.

However, many of these AI are not proprietary and the market data sets are certainly not under the monopoly of any one firm.

It is only a matter of time before an enterprising programmer or startup finds a way to release the same AI into the open source market where hundreds of other programmers can easily copy the code and create copies of the trading without robots AI.

The trading data sets might not be readily available, but traders will find money to purchase them if they have the AI that will trade using such data. Disclaimer: This is a contributed article and should not be taken as investment advice Share this article.

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