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Industry Game Changer For many years competition in the cinema industry in Russia was a tight race with no clear indication of who is in the lead. Formula Kino chain consists of 35 movie houses spread out across Russia.

Russia’s Largest Cinemas Merge

Both chains are considered to be highly successful with an established following. With 75 theatres and a total of over screens across the country, it is set to make lasting change in the industry.

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In late he started renting Khudozhestvenny, yet another historic movie theater from the government. Beyond Traditional Cinema In typical super-rich Russian style, owning the largest theatrical network in Russia and making his mark in historic entertainment venues is not enough for Alexander Mamut.

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He also has plans to expand his entertainment empire to include the digital realm. According to internal sources the company Mamut Potanin Option investigating whether this is a viable option going forward. Owning this platform would reduce the cost of creating an online cinema.

Should the company expand into offering online cinema as a service, this audience would massively reduce the cost of marketing when the cinema is launched.

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According to Mediascope, the all-Russian audience of Afisha. In a rapidly growing industry, a foothold that is already in place is indeed valuable.

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