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Finance Magnates Telegram Channel With leverage restrictions now permanent for contracts for differences CFDs throughout Europe, and other jurisdictions looking to follow suit, could a different investment product take its place — turbo certificates? Turbo certificates allow traders to make money from market fluctuations with leverage, they have a built-in stop loss, and positions are automatically closed once a predetermined price level is reached.

For example, Turbo Long Certificates allow you to benefit from rising prices, whereas Turbo Short Certificates benefit from falling prices.

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Regulators keep a close eye on Turbo certificates In certain countries in Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, and Austria, certificates are a long-established product and are a core offering of banks.

However, increasingly, brokers who traditionally offered forex and CFDs have been entering into this space.

IG launches Turbo 24s Warrants for European Traders

The movement has caught the attention of regulators. However, as of yet, they remain outside the scope of European leverage restrictions.

Who can trade IG Turbo 24s Warrants?

Namely, the regulator believes that products that have similarities with CFDs could still result in significant losses to retail clients. ESMA, on the other hand, said that the investment product is exempt from the restrictions due to the fact that it has different product features.

Who are offering Turbo certificates? The product is not widely offered by brokers. In the forex space, one of the main players that offer Turbo certificates is IG Group.

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As Finance Magnates reportedthe company started offering the turbo24 on-venue product from its subsidiary in Frankfurt — Spectrum, an MTF. Although initially offering Turbo warrants for indices, currencies, and commodities, in the medium and long term, new products will be added as more venue participants are brought on board.

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According to a recent trading update, the initial uptake has been promising, and around clients have traded turbo24s since its launch in October.

Are certificates the answer to CFD restrictions? Furthermore, the turbo options 24 that brokers can make off certificates is limited turbo options 24 comparison to what they can make off of CFDs, even with the leverage restrictions.

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For a turbo certificate the potential gain has a maximum of the amount paid by the investor. For the majority of Learning to trade remotely countries including UK and for the reasons… above I do not expect significant numbers of CFD firms to seek to offer these products to retail clients.

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But in the short-term, it appears that CFDs will maintain their dominance. Share this article.