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To understand what Bitcoin mining means, you first have to know what Bitcoin is and how it works. So, here goes!

The traditional methods of making money are being replaced by other means.

You might have some cash in your wallet right now but you probably have credit and debit cards too. In fact, when we talk about Bitcoin mining, we really mean mining for a few different currencies.

If you get into this activity you could find yourself mining mostly Ethereum or Litecoin perhaps, rather than actual Bitcoin. Those are all done on a network of computers around the world — in other words, the transactions are all distributed across this network of computers.

It sounds like you dig these funny Bitcoins out of the ground, like gold or zinc or diamonds.

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The way the Bitcoin network has been set up means that there are only 21 million Bitcoin in existence. Many of those have not seen the light of day yet.

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They get to do this by sorting out the complicated puzzles that make transactions secure. Some people confuse Bitcoin and blockchain but they are quite different entities. Blockchain is the decentralised technology on which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin run, but it is also the platform for all sorts of transactions, not just cryptocurrency.

In fact blockchain could revolutionise the way we live our lives.

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It can be used in all sorts of areas of life such as voting, medicine, education, property transactions and much more. The blockchain stores information across millions of personal computers across the world, recording transactions in real-time.

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So if you want to reverse a transaction you have to do it again in reverse. No one can go in and change a transaction.

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Nodes are essentially hardware that store the blockchain. So your computer — should you choose to be a miner — is a node.

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Is it worth getting into Bitcoin mining now? Actually it could be, depending on how cheaply you can get your electricity and hardware. In other words, be contrarian, be different.

so what is bitcoin mining?

Go against the crowd. Right now, cryptocurrencies — and Bitcoin in particular — are still looked askance by traditional investors though less so than they used to be.

In although they have become of interest again in the least few months.

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So it means that things have calmed down a bit; prices for equipment are not quite so crazy and many of the con-artists who had slid into this sector have either got bored and picked on make money online miners golden industry or have been found out and closed down. So, although the rewards are up and down currently up but they could go down again at any momentthey are still not bad how to make money with a trading robot, in my opinion, are likely investments in internet hyips increase over the next few years.

How do you set yourself up as a Bitcoin miner? It looks a bit like an Xbox and they say it takes just five minutes to set up.

‘You have to be alert and responsive when good fortune appears’

Wherever there is wifi — and an electricity source — it will work. If you want to, you can cpnvert alt-coins into Bitcoin as you go. All serious Bitcoin mining is performed on dedicated Bitcoin mining hardware ASICs, usually in specially-cooled data-centres with low-cost electricity. Quite a few companies do ASICs. Bitcoin machines need special power supplies that funnel the power into them efficiently, Cooling fans — this is really important to keep the machines working and keep you safe!

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Back-up generators — this is a nice-to-have and you could wait until you are clearer about how much power you are actually using before you shell-out for one of these. The above is what serious miners have and they tend to store it all in a large shed or commercial space somewhere. For you and me, the Coinmine solution is probably best.

Once you hook everything up it will work out for you which cryptocurrencies are best to mine in your space, then it will get on with it. Good mining software to go for include: Nicehash Check out a few that are reviewed here. There could be a fire hazard if they overheat and, of course, the machines themselves will go down if they get too hot.

History[ edit ] What began as a cottage industry in the late s became increasingly more commercialized in the s with the growing popularity of massively multiplayer online games. The term elo boosting may refer to a similar activity in games that features Elo rating system or some other competitive ladder system.

Otherwise, though, you can leave them to do their work. How much does it cost to be a Bitcoin make money online miners golden Rather hilariously, a year or so ago in Iran quite a few locals set up Bitcoin-mining operations in their mosques because they get their electricity for free.

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Clever eh? How much can you make through Bitcoin mining?

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You get paid in Bitcoin itself, so as far as Sterling or US dollars are concerned, the actual amount you make will depend on the current value of Bitcoin, which changes every day. He has also worked out that it takes about months to pay off the cost of his machinery just by Bitcoin mining. No one knows what will happen to cryptocurrencies in the future. We are just at the foetal stages of this very interesting financial development, like being at the beginning of credit cards.

Jasmine Birtles is not a bitcoin miner but does invest in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and XRP.

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