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The first phase alone targets 30 crore, most-vulnerable people by mid, though no vaccine has been licensed for use yet. Can they be overcome?

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One, covering such a massive adult how to quickly earn bitcoins VK with multiple doses over a relatively short period. Our weapons are our globally acknowledged universal immunisation programme UIP plus scientific and technical expertise. Two, misinformation and false narratives; this we hope to counter with transparent, science-based communication.

how to quickly earn bitcoins VK

Three, that global bogey of AEFI adverse event following immunisation. We do not expect serious side-effects once we begin, but such a related or unrelated possibility is there with any vaccine. We have instituted a robust investigation and rapid response system which follows established protocols.

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We have custom-purposed this for Covid with microplanning, logistics and monitoring systems. For Phase 1, we need 29, cold-chain points, walk-in coolers, 70 walk-in freezers, 45, ice-lined refrigerators, 41, deep-freezers and solar refrigerators.

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Closing the supply gap is already under way. So is getting and training the thousands of additional vaccinators. State, district and block-level steering and coordination mechanisms have been activated.

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Co-WIN, the robust IT platform being developed will facilitate logistics, individual immunisation sessions and e-certification. Does any exercise compare in scale, complexity and hazards? Has it been given a name?

how to quickly earn bitcoins VK

How about Operation CoVictory? The closest is our massive Lok Sabha elections and this paradigm has been coopted too. Vaccination booths will be set up to reach the furthest corners.

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Frontline workers are easy to identify. What big data will you rely on to pick out vulnerable members of the public? What about our notorious queue-jumping by the influential? The first priority group is 27 crore individuals above 50, those below 50 years with significant co-morbidities, plus three crore health care and other frontline workers.

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The responsibility for smooth and rules-based immunisation lies with state and district administrations. It appears feasible to achieve this priority target of most-vulnerable in months after launch — conditional on licensure for multiple vaccines and optimum supplies. Even though not a single vaccine has yet been licenced for use here, we have reason to be optimistic.

how to quickly earn bitcoins VK

What are the key elements of the SOPand how will you ensure adherence? The on-ground team must comprise at least two vaccinators, two for data and logistics, plus volunteers for queue management and general support. We have carefully estimated that such a team can safely immunise beneficiaries each day.

how to quickly earn bitcoins VK

This number can increase if the team and logistics are strengthened. The beneficiary will be allotted a specific booth and given an appointment through either SMS or verbally for the first dose, and after that for the second. Once both doses have been administered, a QR-based digital certificate will be issued.

how to quickly earn bitcoins VK

Adherence to SOPs including social distancing will be closely supervised. How can this be kept free of politics, especially in these unequal times? Listen, Covid pandemic response is a whole-of-government, whole-of-nation, whole-of-society effort. Centre and State governments are working together tirelessly on a daily basis.

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Prime Minister has repeatedly interacted with Chief Ministers on the control strategy. Cooperation is the only way. What about Vaccine Hesitancy?

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Let me assure you that any vaccine licensed for India will have undergone the strictest, unbiased scrutiny with global norms. A vaccine is our best shot at protection and a return to normal life.