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View Source Defines a Phoenix router.

Sets a built-in Phoenix table property or an HBase table or column descriptor metadata attribute. The name is case insensitive. If the name is a known HColumnDescriptor attribute, then the value is applied to the specified column family or, if omitted, to all column families.

The router provides a set of macros for generating routes that dispatch to specific controllers and actions.

Those macros are named after HTTP verbs.

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For example: defmodule MyAppWeb. Router do use Phoenix.

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Phoenix's router is extremely efficient, as it relies on Elixir pattern matching for matching routes and serving requests. Only the phoenix options part of a segment can be captured.

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Routes are matched from top to bottom. Routes can use glob-like patterns to match trailing segments.

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The difference is the whole segment is captured along with the trailing segments. Helpers are automatically generated based on the controller name.

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This syntax is not only convenient for developers, since we don't have to repeat the MyAppWeb. PageController, which is not true.

By using scopes, Phoenix can properly hint to the Elixir compiler the controller is not an actual dependency of the router.

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This provides more efficient compilation times. Pipelines and plugs Once a request arrives at the Phoenix router, it performs a series of transformations phoenix options pipelines until the request is dispatched to a desired end-point.

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Such transformations are defined via plugs, as defined in the Plug specification. Once a pipeline is defined, it can be piped through per scope.


Router imports functions from both Plug. Conn and Phoenix.

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Controller to help define plugs. Note that router pipelines are only invoked after a route is found. No plug is invoked in case no matches were found.