How to make sms money. 9 Ways to Earn Money with Text Messages

Instructions are really easy: 1. Run the app, connect to internet 2. Wait for test SMS to come from our system 3. Get paid automatically for each test SMS you receive! That's it, as simple as that, everything is done automatically, you just need to run the app and have internet.

The main goal of Cash4SMS is to help mobile users get the most value out of their mobile plans by allowing them to sell their unused SMS messages. Which mobile operating systems does Cash4SMS support?

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When can I withdraw my money? We are making payouts by request when your how to make sms money is 5 euro or higher.

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In all other cases, we are transferring money right after the billing period. Is Cash4SMS safe to install it?

How To Make Money Through Automated Text Messages

Cash4SMS is a completely safe cash reward app that cares about your security and privacy. Please contact your mobile operator for this kind of information.

Learn more about how Money SMS app works.

Option popular personal data do you collect while registering a new user? You should provide your name, surname, phone number, date of birth, country it will be automatically recognized by the Appyou will add your payment details in the App Setting and you will be asked for your PayPal ID. Please make sure that your name and surname provided during the initial registration fully match your PayPal account details.

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Our service is available in almost all countries all over the world. At the same time, there are still some mobile operators that are not connected and we are constantly working to cover all of them.

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How do I get paid for the SMS i send? At the moment we are transferring money right after the billing period. However, if you reach the amount of 5 Euro you can just type Payout in the chat and we will make the money transfer within business days. To read answers to even more frequently asked questions, please visit our dedicated FAQ page.

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