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This only really applies to those deep out of the money options that are really cheap. The liquidation fees apply to the fees that Deribit will charge for liquidation orders.

These are executed by Deribit for accounts where margin has been exhausted. In this case, the bulk of the binary option profitable strategy go towards the Deribit insurance fund. They will however charge a fee for withdrawals. This fee is based on the mining fee that is currently applicable on the network. This may vary slightly from the fees that you can see on the open market.

This is because on the processing of the withdrawal, Deribit will charge you the fee that they think best applies to the network. If could be slightly higher or slightly lower based on transaction batching.


Deribit Signup Assuming that you wanted to sign up and give Deribit a try then you need to create an account. You can head on over to their sign-up section and register your details. An alias will do! Required Information to Signup to Deribit Once you have given them the details, they will send you an email with a confirmation link. When you follow that link your account will be fully functional and you can start using it.

Now is perhaps the best time to also set up your two-factor authentication if you want to secure your account.

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Deribit Testnet Something that Deribit has that is not available on a number of exchanges is a live test-net for all users.

You can think of it as a separate demo account. This can be accessed on test. You will need to create another account but you can use the same credentials if you like.

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Once you have signed up and created an account here, you are given 10 BTC as demo funds. You can now trade these as you would a live account and test out your strategies. Or it could also be used by those traders who want to get a feel for the Deribit UI.

This will give them the chance to refine their cryptocurrency algorithms before they can turn them on the live accounts. Deribit is a crypto only exchange and unfortunately you cannot fund your account with any Fiat money.

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Therefore, if you only have Fiat option on the exchange reviews and you would like to trade with Deribit then you would need to make use of what is called a fiat gateway exchange. These are exchanges such as BitstampCoinbase, Kraken or your local equivalent. Once you have your Bitcoin you will need to send it to your Deribit account.

You will then need to generate a deposit address which you can send the funds to. Creating a deposit Bitcoin address Once you have this address and you send the funds, Deribit will wait for one confirmation and top up your account. This means that you can get trading much more quickly as most exchanges require at least three confirmations.

You will need to create a new wallet profile with a name and attach your external wallet address. Once this has been done you can process the withdrawal. Choosing Wallet to Withdraw to at Deribit Deribit says that they will try and do this immediately but this will of course depend on whether the funds are available in their hot wallet. If they need to replenish their funds from cold storage you may need to wait a little bit.

Deribit Platform It is time to go into the belly of the beast and examine the underlying platform and exchanges. From a first glance, we are quite impressed. The platform looks highly functional yet appears to also be relatively intuitive. Compared to other futures exchanges, it is also more attractive from a User Interface UI perspective.

The menus are laid out to the left sidebar with all the options for markets, FAQs and other important option on the exchange reviews.

Deribit has also translated the website and platform into a number of different languages. You also have a lot of functionality when it comes to managing your accounts. For example, you can set up different sub accounts, cross margin between accounts as well as get a comprehensive breakdown of your trading statistics.

There is also extensive documentation and content to help you get started trading. These include overviews of their trading instruments as well as more general information about the exchange itself. They also have helpful videos which can explain the process to you.

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The markets will change according to the expiry date of the futures contract. These are essentially just contracts that do not have an expiry date.

Below we have the screenshot from the Deribit Perpetual Futures exchange. You can see the order books, recent trades as well as the order form all in one place. You also have access to your current orders and live trades just below that. This is a dream if you are a crypto technical analyst and you are looking for the best tool, indicators charting software.

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Of course, what use is Technical Analysis if you do not have advanced order functionality. Deribit has a range of options for you when it comes to placing and maintaining orders. We cover this below. Options Exchange When you move on over to the options exchange, you will be presented with all of the option markets. This is probably a bit more complicated to the uninitiated trader when they first take a glance at it.

They present you with the different expiries, option type and strike on the platform.

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They also give you other important data like the volatility, Delta, open interest etc. A full overview of option theory is beyond the scope of option on the exchange reviews review but you can read our complete guide to cryptocurrency options should you want more information.

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Below we have a screenshot from the Deribit options market. As you can see, there is a plethora of information that you can glean from the Deribit option platform.

You can see your option portfolio dynamics across the top of the screen. Below that you choose to refine the markets according to particular filters.

You can read much more about option on the exchange reviews greeks here If you wanted to trade a particular option then there are two methods that you can use to narrow in on the exact option in question. You could either refine the search criteria in the top right or you could select the option in the particular order form.

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When you click on a particular option in the market overview, you get presented with the option order form. Below is the specific order form where you will see the order books.

Order form for chosen option on the market In this form you can refine your order or you can even change the option type in the top left. There are also a number of other order form parameters that you may want to consider.

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The only thing that we did notice about the Deribit options is the general lack of liquidity for those options that are out of the money or deep in the money. This could limit the range of option strategies that you could employ. Order Forms As mentioned, Deribit has a pretty extensive array of order options on both the Futures and Options instruments. These could help to augment your trading strategy. First of all, let us take a look at the Futures order forms.

Below is the order form for the Bitcoin perpetual market that we have in the screenshot above. This is unique to Deribit and allows beginner traders to assess margin levels in USD. These are the following: Limit: This is an order that is placed at a predetermined price.

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It will only be cancelled either once it has been executed or when it has been removed manually Market: These orders are placed such that they are executed immediately. This would be at the bid for a sell and the offer for a buy Stop-Market: This is a an option has an intrinsic value order that will have a stop loss placed with it.

It will execute at the market price and then you will have a stop loss to protect losses Stop-Limit: Almost the same as the stop-market except it will be a limit order with a stop.