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Binary Options Trading Risk Management The phenomenon called binary options has gained much popularity lately due to its overwhelming simplicity and profitability.

Unifunds are seeing people of all age groups and from varied educational backgrounds taking up binary options trading and looking to create a side income trading.

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Trading Made Simple Binary options offer a more simplified but exciting way to trade global financial markets, and traders are often attracted to their simplicity. When trading binary options, you only need to pick an asset and pick a direction, as opposed to the extent of the price move. Unifunds offers trading on a variety of assets, including Forex, commodities, stocks and indices.

1. High Return on Investment Potential

All trades are executed online. After a user is registered and account what are the advantages of binary options, they can place the trade and, depending on the expiration time, can quickly see the results.

WhatsApp Binary options are, as the name suggests, a financial opportunity with only two possible outcomes: you either win all or lose all—nothing in between. The moving force behind this financial option is in a simple yes or no proposition: Will the specific asset be above a specified price at the given time? By reading this, one might conclude that binary options are easy, fast, and a great way to make money.

By integrating our trading platform straight on to the Unifunds website, traders are given the liberty to trade the market trends literally anywhere that has an Internet connection. Defined Risk and Return With binary options, you know what your profits will be in advance with fixed rates and predetermined payouts, as opposed to other financial trading where your loss can increase exponentially.

You can never lose more than your initial trade amount.

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With binary options, the trades close automatically at the time of expiry, so you do not need to constantly monitor your positions. On our platform, you can set your preferred payout and rebate depending on your confidence on the trade, so you know the potential outcome before you place the trade. Variety and Diversity Binary options deliver the most convenient access to a variety of markets and asset classes, including Forex, stocks, commodities and stock indices.

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When trading Forex or stocks, you may need to experience long-term inactivity and short surges of market opportunities, but that is not the case with binary options. Trading binary options can be more flexible and offers more trading opportunities, even with little market volatility. Traders also get the choice of selecting from a variety of expiration times on the Unifunds platform.

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This can range from trading binary options of less than an hour to those that will expire in one week. This provides a lot of flexibility for traders who may have a particular view on an asset. It also helps the trader diversify their overall platform with short and longer range forecasting.

They work a bit different than standard investment vehicles like stocks and bonds. Unlike standard investment vehicles, with binary options there are only 2 possible outcomes. Either you end up in the money or out of the money. Advantages of Trading Binary Options Trading binary options can be a great experience for investors who take the time to learn the market before investing.

With expiries that are as short as 60 seconds, there is potential for an account to quickly grow within a matter of minutes. Trading Opportunities Binary options present trading opportunities during all market conditions and are ideal for traders who jump at the chance to profit from rising and falling markets.

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There is always a trading opportunity whether the price of an asset is trending up or down. Unifunds is available for trading 24 hours a day.

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Work around your schedule by trading at any time you wish. You can even make trades when markets are closed with the One Touch feature.

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General risk warning: Offshore trading in Binary Options is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk, which can result in the loss of part or all of your funds. As such, trading Binary Options may not be appropriate or suitable for all traders.

You are strongly advised not to speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before deciding to trade, you should be aware of all the risks associated with Binary Options trading and seek professional advice from an independent and licensed financial advisor.

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