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Wish you could find a way to earn a living while spending your days with people make money together in actually like?

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You can. All you have to do is look to your friends.

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Check out these seven ways to make cash with your buddies. There are several benefits to partnering for yard sale with friends.

11 Best Side Hustles for Couples (Who Want to Earn Cash Together)

Start a Business Together I could have made this article a big list of all the different kinds of businesses you can start with a friend — restaurant, day care center, moving company — but that list is virtually endless.

The most important message I need to send in this regard is that if you want to start a business with friends, you should have a meeting, discuss your strengths and passions, and start tossing around ideas for potential companies you can launch that will make you all happy.

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  • Start a subscription box Whether you want to create monthly activity kits for kids, make your own bath products, or curate a monthly vintage tee, there are 40, customers waiting for you on Cratejoy.

Of course, I always recommend a friend that I know can get a job done. Do that once or twice and a good friend will start returning the favor — which means more money in the bank for both of you. Join Rent a Friend Have you heard of this social networking site wherein random strangers pay for your company?

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It exists. The key is to spend less than the fee allotted for the scheduled event so you can score the free meal, etc.

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If both of you get in on the act, you may never have to pay for lunch again. Buy a Bunch of Lottery Tickets Granted, this is a long shot — but it happens. Certainly not the most frugal or even the smartest way to spend your money to make money, I admit.

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But, hey, we all have to take a gamble sometime. Every lottery winner in history has — and it paid it off.

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