Binary options payment systems

MasterCard How to add funds to your account using a bank card: Open your menu on the upper left side of the dashboard.

What is the Best Binary Options Broker?

Or, Click deposit on the binary options payment systems right side of the dashboard located just beside the figures of your account balance. Pick your payment method.

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Enter the amount you want to deposit. This is recommended for depositing a larger amount of money because of its security. Its utility is the same as that of a debit card and credit card. Using it to deposit money into your IQ Option account is fast and easy. Additionally, there are no extra fees.

What is Cashback?

This internet currency and universal payment system enable paying, withdrawing, and topping up funds. It has quick payment methods with stored cards on your account balance.

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It also lets you withdraw funds using ATM withdrawals or by moving the money into your bank account. This is an online financial service that streamlines online payments and money transfers.

Is Trading Safe

Aside from making secure payments, it also allows funds withdrawal from your bank account or by accessing ATMs around the world. You can take a look into our article, What is Bitcointo learn more about this more advanced type of currency.

How to top up your trading balance using Bitcoins: Open the Deposit tab and choose your deposit amount. Check the invoice amount and its BTC equivalent.

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Confirmation of the transaction only lasts for 15 minutes. IQ Option will add the funds to your balance after Cubit verifies your payment, which is done immediately after your confirmation.

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Obviously, each has its pros and cons and thus, you must choose the method most convenient for you. While you probably own a credit card, you might still want to use wire transfer because it helps you avoid overspending.

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Alternatively, eWallet is fast and hassle-free as well. So, the choice is ultimately up to you.

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However, no matter the method you choose, you must always ensure safety. For instance, wire transfer takes quite some time but is deemed very safe which makes it ideal for transferring a large sum of money. Of course, depositing money is only one side of the card. Not being able to get your money because of technicalities is one of the worst scenarios.

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