Add a trend line to the chart, Add a Trendline

Computergaga1 August 2,am EDT You can add a trendline to a chart in Excel to show the general pattern of data over time.

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You can also extend trendlines to forecast future data. Excel makes it easy to do all of this.

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A trendline or line of best fit is a straight or curved line which visualizes the general direction of the values. Add a Trendline You can add a trendline to an Excel chart in just a few clicks. This adds the default Linear trendline to the chart.

Exponential: This trendline visualizes an increase or decrease in values at an increasingly higher rate.

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The line is more curved than a linear trendline. Logarithmic: This type is best used when the data increases or decreases quickly, and then levels out.

  1. You can publish a view that contains trend lines, and you add trend lines to a view as you edit it on the web.
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  3. How to remove a trendline from a chart Trendline in Excel A trendline, also referred to as a line of best fit, is a straight or curved line in a chart that shows the general pattern or overall direction of the data.
  4. How to add trendline in Excel chart
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  6. It is usually more curved on one side.
  7. Power Moving Average Here is a good article that explains what these trend lines are and when to use these.
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It uses a specified number of data points two is the defaultaverages them, and then uses this value as a point in the trendline. Choose the trendline you want to use from the list, and it will be added to your chart.

Trendline in Excel

Add Trendlines to Multiple Data Series In the first example, the line graph had only one data series, but the following column chart has two. If you want to apply a trendline to only one of the data series, right-click on the desired item. The Format Trendline pane opens so you can select the trendline you want.

In this example, a Moving Average trendline has been added to the charts Tea data series.

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You can add a trendline to multiple data series. In the following image, a trendline has been added to the Tea and Coffee data series.

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You can also add different trendlines to the same data series. In this example, Linear and Moving Average trendlines have been added to the chart. You might want to format the trendline differently—especially if you have multiple trendlines on a chart. I also increased the width to 2 pts and changed the dash type.

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Extend a Trendline to Forecast Future Values A very cool feature of trendlines in Excel is the option to extend them into the future. This gives us an idea of what future values might be based on the current data trend. The closer the R-squared value is to 1, the better the fit of the trendline.

Excel chart 2010 - create a trendline

A value of 0. This is a add a trend line to the chart fit, as a value over 0.