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Reviews The second turbo-options trade has become quite popular — experienced traders and beginners work with these trades. Such options let you make a very quick profit, the size of which is limited only by the size of the bet made.

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The minute binary options have their own undeniable advantages: they offer an opportunity to trade at any time sessioncarry out a large number of transactions in a short time accordingly increasing the chance of winningand an incredibly large choice of broker-platformswhich provide a range of profitable conditions bonuses, an extended variety of assets, absence of commission. Many strategies are used in the second binary options trade. The most well-known methods are suitable for these trades, but the strategy is still different: it requires very fast decision-making behavior and instant reacting to the situation of the market.

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This instrument of technical analysis has an advancing nature and shows a possible change of trend. The indicator has 2 accurately differentiated fields overbought and oversold.

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In an alternative situation when the curve leaves the zone of overboughtoptions trade on falling Put. Another interesting indicator for strategies of 60 seconds is Ichimoku. This is compared with clouds that show key areas of resistance and support. If the curve comes out twice from the cloud in the up-bottom direction, that means buying an option Put is a good idea.

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The price will probably continue to fall and a trader obtains a profit. When the curve leaves the cloud in the bottom-up direction, that means you need to put all your attention on options Call up.

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Profit is guaranteed by a large number of winning bids. The Bollinger Band indicator allows the trader to mark the break at the price movement. When the graphics break through channel lines, in most of cases the price rolls back to the middle to the next candlestick.

Deals are opened only in binary options strategies 60 seconds indicators moment of Bollinger Bands convergence sideways. One more Moving Average Indicator for second binary options appears as the red line. The Moving Average Indicator for binary options can be used for options with an expiration period up to 5 minutes, but this indicator also successfully works with second turbo-options.

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It is enough for a player to draw a so-called trend line and as soon as the line rebounds three times, the trade is started. The picture shows when a deal is made with a PUT purchase. It is a very interesting example with the addition of a lower trend line for the same graphics. This is called a wedge pattern graphic.

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Wait for a final formation of the wedge about 3 wavesand when the curve breaks through the upper or lower trend line, open the deal. Another strategy for second binary options Many trading strategies are suitable for very short-dated options that expire in just 1 minute. But there are several methods that are rather bad.

For example, a hedging method insurance. This is suitable for Forex but not for binary options.

Here, the price can vary in the course of a minute, resulting in losses for both deals. Strategies of Support and Resistance Levels These levels give the most accurate signals of the price movement.

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These are lines within which the price moves. The levels are displayed on the tops of the candlesticks. An option is bought at the rebound from the level and only on the third candlestick the first candlestick is a mbalance binary options, the second is a conformation, and the third is a command to buy a second option.

A few disadvantages second binary options are the riskiest.

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Even leaning on a competent strategy and armed with indicators, it is still very difficult to guess exactly the market movement, because too many factors influence it.

There is an extremely high chance of being in the red.

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Positive points of second binary options An binary options strategies 60 seconds indicators trade An opportunity to trade during any session It is enough to have hourly graphics for analysis to determine a main trend and trade by M5-M15 signals A large number of deals If working with the minute to 1-hour period of expiration, you make from 5 to 10 deals per day, then with second binary options you can make deals per hour Profitable trades are increased several dozen times using the Martingale method A huge choice of instruments and platforms for trade Almost every broker provides a 1-minute trade option now.

In addition, traders who trade short-dated binary options are often given profitable conditions, for example, a higher bonus, no commission and assets that are unavailable at regular options.

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