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Dropbox API Permissions

Business API apps would select from one of four permission types to determine the API calls they have access to: Team information — Information about the team and aggregate usage data Team auditing — Team information, plus the team's detailed activity log Team member file access — Team information and auditing, plus the ability to perform any action token plus registration any team member Team member management — Team information, plus the ability to add, edit, and delete team members For compatibility, these deprecated app types remain selectable - but over the coming months we will begin to transition these apps to equivalent scopes.

Content Access As you create your Dropbox application, you will also be prompted to select the scope of file access.

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This option is suitable for apps that export content or manage only their content. Minimal Access Always ask for the least amount permissions required by your applications. Requesting more scope and content access than required may result in end users not accepting your OAuth request and could impact your app review process.

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When using API scopes, you token plus registration also ask for minimal permissions at authorization time - then re-authorize at later time if and when your application requires more permissions from the user. Different levels of scopes on a user's authorization page Remember, that pre-built components the ChooserSaverand Embedder are authorized on dropbox. Implementing OAuth Setting up your app Before you can get started, you'll need to register your app with Dropbox by creating a new app in the App Console.

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That page will guide you through the process of registering your app, selecting permissions, and obtaining an app key and secret a. Testing with a generated token If you'd like to quickly test out the Dropbox APIs using your own Dropbox account before implementing OAuth, you can generate an access token from your newly created app in My apps by pressing the button that says "Generate" in the OAuth 2 section of your app settings page.

Generate button in OAuth 2. Do not instruct your users to register their own Dropbox application to use your app - you just need to register your app once.

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  5. You must use the admin account to register the application.
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Your end-users will connect to that app via the OAuth flow. Using one of these SDKs is recommended when possible. This extra step is less convenient for end users, but appropriate for apps that cannot support a redirect.

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If your application needs additional context to complete the redirect, you may pass a state parameter the authorization URL - which will be returned as a query parameter in the redirect. The code challenge method may be S or plain.

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Using S is the recommended approach. Dropbox continues to support this legacy flow for compatibility, but recommends PKCE for new apps.

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You should disable the implicit grant option in App Console if you are not using it. In the implicit grant flow: Your application constructs an authorization URL to dropbox.

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When an app requests team scopes for the Business APIthe resulting token is associated with the team rather than the administrator who authorized it. The user scopes requested as part of the team authorization define the calls that can be used when acting on behalf of a team member with Dropbox-API-Select-User.

Apps may request different scopes, per authorization, using the scopes parameter in the Authorization URL. For example, user apps may re-authorize to enable additional team functionality. Using Refresh Tokens Dropbox access tokens are short lived, and will expire after a short period of time.

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The exact expiry time of a token is returned by the token endpoint or the redirect URI in implicit grant - but is generally long enough for a reasonable web session. If the token expires - throwing a error - your application may simply re-authenticate as described above.

View an audit trail for self-provisioning

If your token is expired, token plus registration the user is signed into Dropbox and their approval is still validthe redirects will not require end-user input. Applications that require offline access to the API - meaning using the API when the end user is not actively interacting through your app - will not be able to prompt for re-authorization. These apps may instead use long-lived refresh tokens can be used to obtain new access tokens.

The endpoint will return a new short-lived access token and a timestamp indicating its expiration time.

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Working with refresh tokens is easier with an SDK. Helper methods accept the refresh token, and manage this update of the short-lived access token for you.

In the past, the Dropbox API used only long-lived access tokens.

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These are now deprecated, but will remain available as an option in the Developer console for compatibility until mid Summary There are several implementation options to OAuth - which is best for you will depend on trading platforms for binary options nature of your application.

Dropbox recommends the following: If your app is A server-side web application that only calls the Dropbox API as users interact with it Use the OAuth code flow with short-lived access tokens only no refresh tokens.

A server-side application that requires background access. Use the OAuth code flow, with refresh tokens.