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standard option is

Options, upgrades and standard packages, oh my! Make sure you understand the difference between terminology around standard features, options, upgrades and custom features. The terms apply to everything from paint, trim, flooring, cabinetry and lighting to electric, tech or structural features.

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Your builder should have a brochure or checklist that will distinguish between standard features, design options and upgrades. Know the builder timeline The builder timeline weighs more heavily on the decision-making process for home design details than any other factor.

standard option is

From there, everything that happens with your home will take place on a schedule that allows both you and your builder to thoughtfully consider how each of your choices can lead to your dream home.

Make the big decisions such as any structural modifications before the foundation is poured. For instance, do you want to choose a California Room instead of a covered patio, if the option is offered?

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Do you want to add luxury features to the master suite? Perhaps you have a family member with special needs requiring specific physical accommodations within the home. Or maybe you envision an attached, insulated, airtight and gold-paneled spare room with a security system for storing surplus two-ply, quilted toilet paper.

standard option is

Put all those structural wants and needs out on the table up front. What comes standard? Every builder has a base package or plan for homes in each community.

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These are the items that are included in the base price of the home. These days, with builders competing for your attention, many offer high-end features in their standard packages or may advertise.

standard option is

Know upfront what is included and go from there. Options offer opportunities for buyers to choose features that meet their specific needs.

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First, know what you want and need, but consider how your household needs may change within the next five to seven years. Do you need to build in flexibility for one of the bedrooms to become a home office or an en suite where a grandparent or young adult can live?

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What options will a home office or private suite require that a standard bedroom might not include? In fact, builders and their design teams build flexibility into their options for just that reason. Take virtual tours now, and later, make appointments to tour model homes; ask to see and feel examples of the materials used in each option a builder offers.

When the time is standard option is, ask to visit standard option is call the design centers to share your ideas and come prepared with questions.