What is Hermes Housing Option

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End Cleaning 0. If cleaning is needed the cost is as per our Price List You can also pay via bank transfer. If bank transfer payment selected you get an invoice by mail.

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We do not accept cash, checks or phone orders. Cancellation You can request any boat for free. You can express you interest and confirm it by paying just 10 euro and avoid other customers to book it.

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Talk to your family and friends and make a decision — either to confirm your booking or cancel it free of charge. You can use our hours free cancellation policy. You can cancel your Booking through the Website at any time without any cost prior to Charter's confirmation of the specific Booking.

A Home on Hermes Street

If You decide to change your Booking that has been approved by the Charter, you needs to contact and communicate with your specific Charter and Service Provider. You should consider however that the Charter is authorized to charge Your supplementary charges for these changes.

Student Housing Options with Accolade

You also need to consider that the specific Charter may not be able to cater such changes at all.