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But beyond your years of work option theory is, what if there were some extra skills you could add to your resume that would increase not just your hireability, but also set you up for a higher starting salary?

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Time is precious and it might seem impossible, but upskilling your way to more money is actually completely doable, and with minimal upfront investment. So, where should you even begin?

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To answer this question, I picked the brains of HR and recruiting professionals to learn what kind of skills make a difference to employers—and how much of an upskill salary bump you can expect from each. Being fluent in these languages maximizes your flexibility, and can provide a compelling case to employers to start you at a higher rate or salary—regardless of industry.

What does that mean?

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Open-source software is computer software whose source code the code that makes it work is open to the public and the software itself is free to use.

Examples of open-source software include web browsers like Firefox, operating systems like Linux, and content management systems like WordPress. Because of its collaborative and free-to-use model, Becker says that an increasing number of employers are adopting open-source software platforms, which means an increased demand for tech professionals with open-source skills.

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Becker cites knowledge of AngularJS—an open-source JavaScript-based framework collection of common JavaScript functions developed by Google—as an example of an in-demand open-source skill to have. How much of a bump?

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Pritchard estimates that applicants with a track record of a couple successful SEM campaigns could increase their salaries by as much as 15 percent. While having these skills might seem like a no-brainer, Dawn D.

Boyer, Ph.

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For Boyer, this creates a disconnect when it comes to the practical reality of making things more efficient and easier in the working world. Similarly, Boyer says that database management is another overlooked computing skill that goes a long way in business.

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According Boyer, Microsoft Word is the most important office software program to learn, followed by Excel. According to Earn online from 2020, management experience is a crucial skill to leverage on a resume.

Specific experience with hiring, firing, and navigating difficult situations company pivots, large scale business model changes, or moving from old business systems to building new ones also builds a strong case for a higher starting salary.

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It counts! Finally, Huang says that abilities that demonstrate leadership like communication and presentation skills can go a long way in upping your value.

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Try some mock presentations with family and friends—and if you feel like you still how to make more money and experience some work in the public speaking department, think about taking a quick speech class at your local community college or business school. List your background and skills explicitly and efficiently without a lot of filler.

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