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Umer Idrisi Image Credit: With too many possibilities of earning money online and endless opportunities with lots of newly launched platforms people are stuck in thoughts about how to actually earn money online without paying a cent.

Before giving you some information about these top 10 ways to earn money online without paying a cent to any third-party.

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I want you to know that there are many professionals who are now earning thousands of dollars by these methods of earning money online. So if they can then why you can not? Freelancing Freelancing is one of the most exciting and easy do-able jobs on the internet of things. You can start freelancing even from your mobile.

1. Freelancing

As in freelancing, you have to do some small jobs and for every micro job, you will get paid. There are some platforms available for searching freelance work so that you can easily lend a job and create your portfolio of more great projects and some of them are: Fiverr Freelancer Upwork You can join these platforms for free and create your gigs so that you can bid on projects.

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If you can do things like content writing, data entry, image editing and things like that which you can find in categories of above platforms. Then you are good to work online and make money by doing what you can actually do in your comfort zone.

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Blogging I always add this method at the 1 spot on every make-money topic related blog post. I am saying this on behalf of my own experience and its true. So that it can make money doing freelancing then you can also start earning money online doing blogging.

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  • First, There is big competition and second, you need to have some awesome content into.

Blogging is also how to earn options without investment internet job you can do on your own terms and start it for free. Yes, everybody on the entire earth can start a blog for free and to do it you can use some really high rated blogging platforms like: Blogger WordPress Wix If you are a beginner then Blogger by Google is a great platform for learning purposes and creating high-quality blogs.

If you are going to create the next big website and have to manage thousands of blog posts and authors and planning other things then the great CMS WordPress is a better choice.

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However, the thing is how to make money blogging? I am also using this method of earning online and satisfied with it. Blogging is a very simple work, you just have to create a blog and then start writing articles about your favorite topic and share it with your friends then enable ads and start earning money.

The internet has opened new avenues for businesses and work, where people can work online without being physically present at the workplace and without any fixed time. They can earn huge sums of money online without investment. These online methods of earning money can be carried out by anyone irrespective of gender, age, or education. All that matters is how you utilize your skills online. Moreover, there is no boss and you can work at your own will and all this effort requires low or no investment.

But it takes time and you have to keep on learning things for doing blogging for the long run. Affiliate Marketing This is something we can call advanced blogging or blogging of today.

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We can really make thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing and this is something every professional blogger and digital marketer is doing right now. In almost every niche we can find an affiliate program of related products.

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If you are able to search a highly converting product which people in your niche would love to buy then you can test different products with some affiliate networks like: CJ RingPartner And more. Also if you can write product reviews and generate traffic to your blog then you should use Amazon to promote products with publishing their real reviews and then adding an Amazon buy link affiliated Amazon product link and whenever someone will buy that item or visit your link and buy another item then you will get your commissions by Amazon.

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This is something people are doing online to earn huge money. Books All I can say is you have to be very informative or high on mind person who can really create things in mind and then elaborate them into text.

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This is something you can sell online without paying a single penny and there are services that will help you spread a word about your book and help you sell your digital and even hard copy book worldwide. A service called CreateSpace is there to help you upload your book and create an amazing cover then upload it to Amazon and make it always available in stock. This way you can easily get your own book published and earn royalties without spending a dollar.

There are some authors who are earning thousands of dollars on a monthly basis just by writing books on different topics and using Amazon to sell their books.

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You can start this online work from home by choosing a favorite topic and then writing a book with your own thoughts. For this, you can read a wide range of case studies and books available freely on many book hosting websites.

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Webinars This is the 21st century and everybody is looking for new ways to get connected with their new customers and hunt for new customers. In past times companies and brands were spending millions on arranging offline seminars and creating public meetings or events to advertise their products to a wider audience and thus they were touching bankruptcy and getting their business to fall.

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With the internet, now we can easily and freely create online seminars which we call webinars and they are highly in demand. Almost every type of individuals is happy to join a webinar and watch what experts have to say. Usually, people come to webinars for getting real and hidden information on a particular topic from which they can get benefited. For an example: If you are publishing content on your finance blog for saving money tips and investing tips then you should hold a webinar on how to save money for retirement or where to invest money for sure profits as these are the topics which everybody interested in finance category will actually love to watch.

At the end of the webinar, you can suggest your paid product or paid classes for which the attendees have to pay if they want. With this strategy, you will make some sales and get more people to know about you and your product or services.

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Consulting This is a business of your experience and you can use your experience in any industry to make money online. There are some professionals like Neil Patel who are really earning thousands of dollars with online how to earn options without investment programs and Neil is doing great in this business. All you have to do is just give your personal advice on how things work and how brands should use online tools to get more sales and increase in branding.

One thing I want to clear here is that nobody will pay you when you are a newbie and giving consultation.