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For the Power Apps version of this topic, see: Create an Option set An option set is a type of field that can be included in an entity.

Management Console Alert Email Delivery This setting determines how alert email gets delivered from your Veriato server to alert operators. The initial selection of an email server was made during the Veriato Server installation.

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Use Veriato secure email service - Veriato provides an email relay for alert delivery. Email simply passes through the service without being saved, and no one at Veriato can read it.

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Configure Email Delivery - Active when "Use another email server" is selected. Allows you to provide server information and credentials for SMTP email delivery. When successfully configured, the Veriato Server automatically sends email via this server to the email operators.

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See Configuring Email Delivery. Every 'n' seconds frequency - Set Keyword Alert screenshot frequency in seconds Be sure to set a larger number here than for the above frequency.

Note: Each screenshot has a cost in client and client server storage disk space.

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Taking a screenshot every second for five minutes seconds uses about 11 MB per user in disk space. Keep in mind the client's Data Storage and server's File Storage limits.

Most class files in LaTeX will come with different options, such as 10pt font size, or a5paper.

Either the existing criteria selections or the Global criteria selections will be used to display the data. Clear this option to display the Criteria box. Time-outs occur when the database cannot be found, extensive data has been requested, or many users are making requests and the query could not be completed in the given time.

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When you have a slow network or many users querying the database at the same time you may need to raise the time-out period. Clear this option to remove the Veriato branding from the report.

Use Codepage Conversions - Default is OFF Check this option to convert all characters displayed in the Management Console to the local Codepage A table of values representing a character set used to encode characters from keystroke and key combinations.

Important for viewing event data in non-western languages, this setting is not necessary when the computer is using codepage Windows Western Codepage.


Encrypt snapshots and email attachments - Default is OFF Encryption makes it impossible to open or view a graphic file or email attachments stored in the File Storage folder without using the Management Console or a Veriato Export Viewer. When you change this option, you must restart the Veriato Service.

Do this using Windows services at the primary Veriato Server machine. See The Veriato Service. If no user logs into a computer, if a computer global option offline, or if the Recorder is compromised, no data is uploaded to global option server.

This alert sends an automatic client health email to your system operators.

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If the device appears to be online, check the client triggering the alert global option antivirus interference or tampering. Computer restart message - Default is No Message. The message allows active users to save their work before the computer suddenly restarts. Customize the message displayed to users by editing the "Default" message. Refer to Using the Restart Message.

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Clear this option if you don't want the nightly check. If updates are available, popup notification appears on your desktop and on opening the Management Console.

A pop-up window for option creation will open. Fill in the fields: Name—the name of the product option as it appears on the storefront. Internal name—the name of the option that only appears in the Administration panel to help you distinguish between multiple options that have the same displayed name.

See Automatic Check for Updates. You can still manually Check for Updates.

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To apply updates to clients, see Updating the Recorder. This applies global option fixed or random filenames, and to random names generated with a custom seed next option. Maximum prefix size is 15 characters. Seed to generate client filenames - If Use Fixed Filenames is not checked in the Recording Policy, you can use a seed to generate random client filenames consistent for your organization.

The default seed is your product key, but you can enter any string you like.

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When you use the same seed, the same filenames will be created, allowing you to set antivirus exclusions for installed client Recorders. If you change the seed, a global option set of filenames will be created.

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View Log File - Click to view a log file of events at this Management Console; latest events are at the top. Open User Guide - Click to open this guide. Click OK to save your changes in the Global Options and close the dialog box.