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The Uzi submachine gun was developed by Maj.

Uziel Gal in the s. Python a short-range air-to-air missile. It is the first of its kind to be used in combat.

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On April 7,the system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gazamarking the first time in history a short-range rocket was ever intercepted. Further production of the Iron Dome system will be financed and supported by the United States government.

Developed by Rafael and Elta Arrow 3 is an anti-ballistic missile defense system capable of shooting down ICBMs and other long range missiles.

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Along with Arrow 3 and the Iron Dome, it makes up Israel's defense "umbrella. It is manufactured by Elbit Systems. Developed by the Israeli company Camro.

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The Emergency Bandage is a first field dressing which can be applied and secured with one hand to prevent bleeding from battlefield injuries. Netafim, the company founded in to commercialize his idea, is recognized as the worldwide pioneer in smart drip- and micro-irrigation.

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It has revolutionized the agricultural industry. Esra Galun of the Weizmann Institute developed hybrid seed production of cucumbers and melons, disease-resistant cucumbers and cucumbers suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Galun and his colleagues invented a technique for producing hybrid cucumber seeds without hand pollination.

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The company's top seller worldwide and scanwords option strike price in the U. More environment friendly because the super-iron eventually rusts, it was developed by Stuart Licht.

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It was developed and originally manufactured at Kibbutz HaGoshrim.