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By Rakesh Kochhar Following his election in MarchPope Francis wasted little time in conveying his great unease with the state of global poverty and inequality.

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Specifically, 4. In stark contrast, the poverty line in the U.

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All dollar figures are expressed in prices and purchasing power parities. By this standard, the majority of the global population 3. In a historic achievement, economic growth pulled million people out of poverty from to To a large extent, however, this merely served to boost the size of the next tier up — the low-income population — which increased by million from to A closer look at where in the world poor and low-income people live, and where high-income people live, reveals a wide gulf across regions.

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See our report for a list of countries included in each region. This is not a big leap for advanced economies — the median income in many such countries is greater.

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The living standards within most African and Asian nations point to deep levels of impoverishment. In 18 of the 28 countries in Asia-South Pacific covered in the Pew Research study, nearly eight-in-ten people or more were either poor or low income in Conditions within Africa point to even more deprivation.

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In 24 of 30 African countries included in the study, at least nine-in-ten people were poor or low income in Other recent Pew Research surveys find optimism among people in AfricaIndia and China about their economic futures.

But it is not unbridled enthusiasm. Most Africans recognize the challenges ahead, including the need for improvement in health care and education.

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And in China, inflation, corruption and inequality top the list of public concerns.