How to withdraw money from freebitcoin

After receiving a minimum amount of BTC, you can proceed to withdraw.

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Now, I will guide you to receive free Bitcoin for hours on FreeBitcoin. If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, you can leave it blank, then fill it out later. You can now log into the system to start receiving Bitcoin.

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The number will run for a few seconds and then stop, how much the result will be, in which range you will get the corresponding BTC number listed in the table. After each rotation, you see below will show the waiting time for the next rotation, you can tick "Play sound when timer runs out" to receive the alarm when the timeout expires.

Winning will be calculated as follows: If you click BET HI to dial, then when you get the result onyou will win and get x2, and if the result is smaller than then you lose and lose the amount.

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If you click on "BET LO" to record, the result will be below and you will win, and above will be your loss. Bonuses are calculated similarly. Note: Winning x2 above is if you leave the default with a winning rate of You can change this ratio in "WIN CHANCE", if you choose a high winning rate, the winnings will be low, the odds are low, the winnings will be many times higher than the bet.

How To Withdraw From Freebitco

For example, if you choose a winning rate of 9. To find out more details about your investment program in the EARN BTC section, here you will see the content and regulations of the program.

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Currently FreeBitcoin supports 3 forms of withdrawal as follows: AUTO: This is an automatic withdrawal method, completely free, just activate the automatic withdrawal method first, whenever your balance is enough to reach 0. Only the wallet has set up above.

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SLOW: This is a form of manual withdrawal, receiving money after hours, the minimum to withdraw is 0. If you have any questions, how to withdraw money from freebitcoin leave a message via the comment section below! Good luck!

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