Make money for building a website. How To Create a Website and Make Money From It

After we shook hands and I made my way back to my car, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment as I had just sold my very first client on a web design project.

make money for building a website

What made this moment even more fulfilling was that I had only just started building websites 3 months ago. Since mid, I have made 5 figures xx,xxx building and maintaining websites for clients.

make money for building a website

The work I did was completely part-time and only with a handful of people, so had I spent more time marketing my services I know I could have make money for building a website even more. Start Building Websites Before you even think about marketing yourself as a web designer or think you can make money building websites, you have to actually get out there and build one yourself duh!

I know, it sounds pretty obvious, but plenty of people these days love to talk big games on things like entrepreneurship, digital marketing, etc. I recommend using Siteground as their pricing is affordable and their site is easy to use. WordPress Software — This can be installed for free on your hosting server with literally one click. Try building a simple website about anything, whether it be your own personal blog or a fansite about your favorite show.

How to Make Money Building Websites Part Time From Home

I started to make money building websites initially by building Amazon affiliate niche sites. After building a few of these websites, I felt comfortable enough working with WordPress to sell my design services to a business owner.

Spend Time Learning WordPress Spend time each day learning how WordPress works, play around with new themes and plugins, and, of course, Google anything and everything you can think of related to web design.

Also, that client may have found someone else willing to build them a site instead of me, and I could have lost out on that opportunity completely!

How to Make Money Building Websites (A Beginner’s Guide)

Tell Your Friends Once you start to make money building websites, let people know about it. The reason why I tell people to do this is simple: I found my first client through a friend after a chance conversation with him at a wedding. I told him about how I started to make money building websites on the side as I mentioned, I initially made a bit of money building Amazon affiliate niche sites before taking on local business website projectsand he told me a local ballroom company that he spent time at needed a new one.

It also helped me reposition myself to make money building websites for others rather than myself. Who knows? Tips When Meeting With Prospects When meeting with your prospect, have your proposal printed off and ready for them to sign.

Make money building websites with a web design side hustle

Try to limit your proposal to only a few pages maximum of 5 in my opinion. Look your fa pro binary option in the eyes, and make sure you act very engaged and interested in their business.

make money for building a website

Sit up straight and speak confidently. The biggest mistake I made when I first got started working with clients was I priced myself way too low for the amount of work I did. Personally, I find this pricing to be sufficient for your first client.

How to Make Money From a Website

Make sure that you explicitly state in your proposal the work that you will be doing, and advise them that if you end up having to go outside the initial scope of work that it will cost extra. Of course, you want to be understanding and ensure that your client is satisfied, but getting this out of the way up front will save you hours of working late into the night for free trust me, I would know!

make money for building a website

You might, however, be able to make money building websites for local restaurants, veterinarian clinics, dentist offices, etc. Make a list of all the small businesses within driving distance of your house, Google them, and see what their websites look like.

Reach out to these business owners via email or just walk into their establishments and introduce yourself.

33 Ways to Monetize a Website/Blog

Leave them your contact information and try to set up a follow meeting with them to discuss your scope of work and pricing. I learned by doing.

How To Make a Website and Earn Money Online

Keep going, and if you hit a roadblock Google will be your best friend. So get to work, learn as you go, stop complaining and start to make money building websites.

These 5 steps are what make money for building a website took me from working at a grocery store to working at a digital marketing agency with double the income and even a nice side hustle that makes me thousands of dollars each year.