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Unlike other jobs, iPoll transfers your earnings into gift cards or subscriptions, based on your preference, which can be redeemed for goods online. Most surveys on iPoll are short with an estimated completion time of 15 minutes. Because you're strictly providing your opinion, iPoll is an easy way to earn cash while watching television or completing other tasks.

Like iPoll, MySurvey provides an online marketplace for people often marketers or companies who need surveys completed by real consumers like you. After you complete the initial level of polls, you will gain access to more specific surveys. This survey-taking resource differs from iPoll in its payment structure in that it uses a point system.

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Depending on the survey you are taking, users can earn between 10 and points per survey. Instead of awarding money and points strictly via gift cards, MySurvey offers sweepstakes as well, in which you can earn you additional points towards cash. MySurvey is also partnered with PayPal for hassle-free funds redemption.

1. Leverage the app economy

In addition to completing surveys, you also have the option of signing up for MySurvey partners or referring friends to the site for additional points. ClickChores Free Offering micro jobs focused on digital media tasks, ClickChores is a really easy place to earn extra money.

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Social media users and individuals with online writing experience will find ClickChores' tasks very simple to complete. Most of ClickChores' tasks focus on Googling specific phrases, commenting on blogs, and sharing posts on your social sites. Although jobs start around 5 cents each, they're very easy and quick to complete in most cases.

2. Work as a mystery shopper

Alternatively, you can also use earned funds to hire workers via the platform. Ideal for writers and digital advertising buffs, all jobs on ClickChores have an online engagement focus, which make them no-brainers for anyone who regularly visits social sites and online communities.

ReceiptHog Web, iOSAndroidFree As a web and mobile app that pays you to scan receipts, ReceiptHog is a very cool money-making option, particularly because snapping your receipts requires almost no extra work. Taking pictures of your receipts, regardless of length or source, earns you in-app coins that can be redeemed for cash. Why would anyone pay you for such a service? Brands and retailers want to know what and how consumers purchase goods in order to refine their marketing techniques.

Thus, as a member of ReceiptHog, you are participating in market research that could potentially influence future products and promotions. The coins you earn with ReceiptHog can be exchanged for gift cards.

Provide a Service via Freelance

You can also take surveys to earn additional coins. However, your receipt "hog" gets full after you've earned coins in a week. After that, regardless of how much each receipt you submit is worth, you will only earn 5 coins per receipt. On the plus side, no matter how much money you're able to pull in with Receipt Hog, it's also handy that the app and site record and digitize your receipts, making tracking purchases quite simple.

Provide a Service via Freelance If you're looking for something more making money in free time is not the Internet and more challengingproviding a freelance service is simple online. However, this option is for someone with a few additional hours of free time each week.

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If your schedule is crazy hectic, you might want to stick to taking surveys or completing micro-tasks to avoid unnecessary stress. Review the following sites for access to great freelance jobs. Fiverr Free Customers like clear price points for simple services, which is part of the appeal of Fiverr. Whether you're a DIY expert or a top-notch writer, you can earn extra money on Fiverr.

1. Sell things you no longer need

Yet, unlike sites exclusively offering professional freelance services, Fiverr makes it possible to use your more creative talents to earn cash. Can you impersonate a fictional character, pull off a prank better than Ashton Kutcher, or dance up a storm?

There's a place for you on Fiverr. Simply create an account on the site and write a brief description of the service you can offer Note: only LEGAL services can be offered on Fiverr.

Use social media to attract interested people and encourage them to rate the results they get. You can also offer packages on Fiverr to earn extra cash. In this way, the site itself takes a kind of fee out of your payments.

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One nice thing about Fiverr is that the site holds you accountable for making good on the services you offer. Buyers pay in advance for your service but, if you don't deliver, the buyers can report you and get their money back.

Although I wouldn't say it's an incredibly serious freelancing site, Fiverr does enable you to get paid for everything from voiceover recordings to psychic readings.

If it's legal and somebody wants to buy it, you can sell it on Fiverr. While you are at it, keep the many Fiverr alternatives that have sprouted up.

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Free to sign up and use, the platform provides 40 connects per month, allowing you to submit to up to 40 job proposals for free. This can help you get your freelancing career started so you can build up your portfolio. Binary options trust account available on Elance run the gamut from administrative work to Web design.

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As you become more successful, you have the option to sign up for Elance as a business and use the platform to earn new clients, provided you keep all transactions within Elance. When compared to similar freelancing sites, Elance offers a generous number of free connects and takes a smaller cut of the profit 8.

How to make money online and offline

However, it's not as simple as accepting and completing a micro job. Freelancers are awarded jobs based on proposals, which you must create for each job. Elance recently joined forces with oDesk, which is covered in more detail below. Freelancers can choose from long-term or short-term projects, and may making money in free time is not the Internet with a team if the client chooses.

As a bonus, oDesk provides freelancers payment flexibility.

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While similar platforms require you to complete transactions via their platform, oDesk funds can be transferred to your personal bank account, PayPal account, or one of four other payment options. Making money on oDesk can be a very viable way to earn extra income if you have a few hours of free time on your hands. The site also includes additional features for freelancers, such as access to a custom health benefits planwhich really make oDesk stand out from other freelancing sites.