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Lauren Dasse, Esq. She received her J.

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She also worked with Witness for Peace in Oaxaca, Mexico. Golden McCarthy, Esq. She traveled east to Bard College where she earned her B. She spent four glorious years as an ESL teacher and then director of an adult education program in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her J.

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Golden is happiest when laughing and playing with her partner and her son. Debbie Meythaler Director of Human Resources Debbie Meythaler grew up in Quito, Ecuador, is fully bilingual and bicultural, and has over 20 years of national and international experience in the human resources HR world.

Most recently, Debbie worked for Jhpiego, an international, non-profit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, dedicated to improving the health of women and families in over 40 countries around the world.

She has experience developing and strengthening HR departments, leading, promoting, supporting cohesive and team-oriented work cultures, creating various training programs for staff, recruiting, and hiring to foster a caring, diverse, and inclusive workplace. She is very excited about being part of the Florence Project.

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The Florence Project vision how to make money fast for arizona rp mission hits home for her. She is honored and delighted to collaborate with her experience and expertise, supporting the most important asset of the organization. It is meaningful and exciting for her to be part of this passionate group of professionals who deeply value humans and their rights by providing hope, support, and guidance to vulnerable immigrants.

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Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, and reading. One of the few xennials on staff, she has fond memories of trapper keepers, cabbage patch dolls, and the original Star Wars trilogy. Her interests are varied, her heart is deep.

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She joined the Florence Project in December While completing his accounting certificate at Central Arizona College, Christian worked at a body shop in Casa Grande. Prior to that, he assisted the athletic trainer as a member of the Health Occupation Student Association during his senior year in high school.

Christian enjoys playing video games, being on Reddit, and eating pasta with white rice.


He joined the Florence Project in December Rekha Nair, Esq. Rekha loves speaking Spanglish, losing herself in a book, and eating chocolate; she abhors injustice and most fruit. Elizabeth has a long history of providing operations, logistics, and administrative support. Biden, arranging travel and logistics for domestic and international special events. She was the director of operations at an education policy and advocacy firm in Washington D.

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Elizabeth graduated from UC Santa Barbara and worked at the Chicano Studies Institute where she focused on youth empowerment and educational equity issues. Elizabeth has been with the Florence Project since October Greg has built teams for over 50 companies around the world.

He has a passion for recruitment and networking with talented individuals from all walks of life.

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Greg strongly believes that diversity is the key to success with how to make money fast for arizona rp organization or company. In his spare time, Greg is a part time Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

He enjoys inspiring others to be their best selves and have fun. He enjoys music and spending time outdoors with friends and family. Shortly after graduating, he realized he was not going to make it as a pro gamer and decided to take an internship at the Law Office of Ray A.

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Ybarra Maldonado. During his time interning he decided that he wanted to work in the fields of immigration and law.

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He joined the Florence Project in January Martin enjoys spending his free time with his new family, reading comics and watching movies. Kim Penunuri Florence Office Coordinator Kim Penunuri has over 20 years of experience in the multiple faucets of customer service.

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She has obtained this experience in several diverse professional careers. Each position has brought its own distinct benefit, which has shaped Kim into the person she is today. She thrives in a professional atmosphere where her contributions and attributes help the greater good and make a positive difference in the lives she encounters.

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Spreading this message is important to Kim and her family, especially her youngest son, who thought of the idea when a friend of his was bullied at school. For fun, Kim has recently dabbled in the art of Acrylic canvas painting and enjoys this as a stress reliever. Esteban enjoys creating and consuming all mediums of art and is inspired by individuals who challenge boundaries and smash expectations.

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Having spent a semester abroad in Spain, she gained a deeper appreciation and admiration for different Spanish speaking countries and cultures. Raised and adopted by her grandmother, her father was deported at a very young age, creating a personal connection for immigrant rights and issues that fueled her passion throughout her academic career.

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She aspires to become an immigration attorney and work to help those families that experience what she went through at such a young age. She has volunteered magnet options the Hispanic community in various capacities to empower their civil and human rights.

Paz is a dog person, cinephile and captivated by computer code and programming. Paz happily joined the Florence Project family in July Development Gabriela Corrales, Esq.


Director of Philanthropy Gabi, a Tucson native at heart, aspires to support her community. In that capacity, she represented detained and released immigrant children in Southern Arizona facing the threat of deportation or prolonged detention.

She has also advocated on behalf of detained children before government agencies, elected officials, and in the media.