Trading two accounts, Can I have 2 Trading Accounts?

Ask Your Question -? It is in your interest to have more than one trading account.

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It is advisable to have two trading accounts, one with a full-service broker and other with a discount broker. Both the accounts have their own Pros and cons.

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To take advantage of the positive things of both types of brokers i. A full-service broker and a discount broker, one should have accounts with both. Usually, a full-service broker is good in research and market updates, where a discount broker is good in low brokerage model.

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Trading account with a full-service broker may come handy to enjoy the extended services like research and analysis, tips and recommendations, investing in Trading two accounts, Mutual funds, Forex FDs, Bonds, and Insurance. A second big advantage which we can say is, in case of technical issue with one broker you have the option to hedge the trade with a second account.

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Diversify your portfolio within the brokers, in case one broker is good in one type of service and another in another service you can diversify your portfolio. Answered on 1 5paisa - Trade in only Rs 20 per executed order Open Account Now We want to introduce the chepest discount broker with best in class trading tools and research to give you more savings from traditional percentage base brokerage.

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