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Taxable value of perquisites See Note 2 below Note: The Finance Act, has deferred the taxation of perquisite in case of start-ups from date of allotment to the earliest of the following three dates: 1. Expiry of 48 months from the end of the relevant assessment year; 2.

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Sale of such shares by the employees; 3. Date on which employee ceases to be employee of the start-up.

The eligible start-up shall accordingly, be required to deposit tax with the government within 14 days of the happening of any of the above events whichever is earlier. However, Section 17 2 vi has not been amended, thus the income shall be computed in the year in which shares are allotted but tax shall be paid in subsequent year.

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However, exemption is not applicable to so much of the loan as has been reimbursed to the employee under any medical insurance scheme. Facility of travelling, touring and accommodation availed of by the employee or any member of his household for any holiday a Taxable value of perquisite shall be expenditure incurred by the employer less amount recovered from employee.

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Gift or Voucher or Coupon on ceremonial occasions or otherwise provided to the employee a Gifts in cash or convertible into money like gift cheque are fully taxable b Gift in kind up to Rs. However, expenses on telephones including a mobile phone incurred by the employer on behalf of employee shall not be treated as taxable perquisite.

Hospital maintained by the employer.

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Hospital maintained by the Government or Local Authority or any other hospital approved by Central Government iii. Hospital approved by the Chief Commissioner having regard to the prescribed guidelines for treatment of the prescribed diseases.

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However, the medical facility is taxable only in case of Specified Employees [See note 4] Proviso to section 17 2 Medical facilities outside India Any expenditure incurred or reimbursed by the employer for medical treatment of the employee or his family member outside India is exempt to the extent of following subject to certain condition : a. Expenses on medical treatment - exempt to the extent permitted by RBI.

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Expenses on stay abroad for patient and one attendant - exempt to the extent permitted by RBI. Expenditure incurred on travelling of patient and one attendant- exempt, if Gross Total Income before including the travel expenditure of the employee, does not exceed Rs.

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