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This would include unilateral and multilateral action on financial transaction taxes and capital controls to counter the "carry trade" and short-term speculative "attacks" etc. In fact, some private agents amplify potential mismatches linked to their normal borrowing needs by engaging in carry trade and speculating with derivative products.

UNCTAD's Trade and Development Report showed that speculative capital movements, in the form of "carry trade", can hardly be avoided once countries have liberalized their capital accounts, thus preventing an orderly adjustment of global imbalances.

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A decline in capital inflows what is the internal option price for example, in connection with an unwinding of carry trade positions - has in some countries led to sharp currency depreciations and strains in the domestic financial sector. Other than reallocation of existing funds by financial institutions, there is once again the burgeoning "carry trade", using borrowings in foreign currencies to invest in higher-yielding currencies in both the developed and developing countries.

The largest flows resulted from short-term operations particularly the carry trade in Brazil and Colombiawhich are better suited to contexts of volatility like that seen in the international markets during There is also the risk of substantial capital outflows from the region triggered by external developments, concerns about growth prospects in the region and reversals in the foreign exchange "carry trade" markets. Furthermore, foreign capital has been abundant with the rise in the dollar carry trade, with borrowings at low dollar interest for investment in currencies of the region, where expectations of appreciation are strong and interest rates comparatively high.

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An unwinding of "carry trade" has led in some of these countries already to a sharp depreciation of the real exchange rate. The presence of carry trade brings into question the widespread acceptance of floating as the only feasible solution to the problem of the external balance.

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A serious discussion of global capital-account regulations would benefit both advanced and emerging-market economies. Carry trade translation into effectiveness of monetary expansion could be enhanced in advanced countries by reducing the leakages generated by the carry trade and other short-term capital outflows.

Books relating to carry trade and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in English literature. The biggest risk in the Carry Trade Strategy is the uncertainty of future exchange rate fluctuations. For a carry trade to work, the high-yielding currency must rise, or at the very least remain steady, against the low-yielding one over a period of

Both the deteriorating external conditions and the appreciation of the United States dollar caused by de-leveraging the financial system and carry trade speculation since August have led to depreciating currencies carry trade translation into developing countries. Trade and Development Report, also pointed to risks for Brazil, where high nominal interest rates had led to a steady appreciation, and where the unwinding of carry trade position now puts significant strain on the stock market.

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Therefore, in addition to creating the typical distortion associated with the Dutch disease, "carry trade" activities also plant the seed for a currency crisis, which takes place when investors decide to suddenly abandon a given target currency.

An unwinding of "carry trade" portfolio investors borrowing in low-yielding currencies and buying in high-yielding ones has led in some of these countries already e.

Romania and Hungary to a sharp depreciation of the real exchange rate.

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Private capital flows of the "carry trade" type continue to be attracted by high interest rates, which are not caused by the scarcity of funds but rather by the attempts of central banks to fight inflation in growing economies.

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