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But you'll need to do some calculations to see if in your case it is a problem. So worst-case, you are wasting between 50uA and uA for every input pin for which you have the internal pull-up enabled but are driving low.

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With the 10k pull-down and the internal pull-up do you want the input to be high or low? I assume you want it to be low.

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Option register between 50uA and uA flowing through a 10k resistor, what voltage will it drop? This is probably disasterous. How can this be fixed?

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You could consider say using a 1k resistor instead of 10k. You could turn off the RBPU whenever you want to read that pin and back on whenever you want to read a different pin that does need the pull-up.

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I consider this to be a bad approach, but if that's the difference between having something that works and something that does not well that's down to you.

And you will always have the class-A current consuming power whenever any inputs are between Vdd and Vss.

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You could consider moving to a different PIC which does allow individual control over pull-up. You could consider having external pull-ups for those pins that want them option register therefor not need to turn RBPU on.

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