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As further described in the accompanying prospectus supplement and prospectus, the Notes will rank on par with all of the other unsecured and unsubordinated debt obligations of HSBC, except such obligations as may be preferred by operation of law.

ooo hoz trading plus

Any payment to be made on the Notes, including any Contingent Coupon payment or any repayment of principal at maturity or upon an automatic call, depends on the ability of HSBC to satisfy its obligations as they come due.

As a result, the actual and perceived creditworthiness of HSBC may affect the market value of the Notes and, in the event HSBC were to default on its obligations, you may not receive any amounts owed to you under the terms of the Notes and could lose your entire investment. The greater the expected volatility with respect to an Underlying Index on the Trade Date, the higher the expectation bitcoin money investment of the Trade Date that the Underlying Index could close below the Coupon Barrier on a Coupon Observation Date, resulting in no Contingent Coupons payable on the Notes, or below the Downside Threshold on the Final Valuation Date, resulting in the loss of some or all of your investment.

ooo hoz trading plus

This greater expected risk will generally be reflected in a higher Contingent Coupon than the yield payable on our conventional debt securities with a similar maturity, or in more favorable terms such as a lower Downside Threshold or a higher Contingent Coupon than for similar securities linked to the performance of an Underlying Index with a lower expected volatility as of the Trade Date. You should therefore understand that a relatively higher Contingent Coupon may indicate an increased risk of loss.

OOO "DUBNA PLUS" / TIN (INN) 5007057830

Further, a relatively lower Downside Threshold may not necessarily indicate that the Notes have a greater likelihood of a repayment of principal at maturity.

The volatility of an Underlying Index can change significantly over the term of the Notes.

The level of the Underlying Index for your Notes could fall sharply, which could result in a significant loss of principal, and the non-payment of one or more Contingent Coupons. You should be willing to accept the downside market risk of the Underlying Index and the potential to lose some or all of your principal at maturity.

In addition, your total return on the Notes will vary based on the number of Coupon Observation Dates for which the Contingent Coupons are payable and may be less than the Contingent Coupon Rate, or even zero.

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Further, the return potential of the Notes is limited by the automatic call feature in that you will not receive any further payments after the Notes are called. Your Notes could be called as early as May 10,and your return could be minimal. If the Notes are not called, you may be exposed to the decline in the level of the Underlying Index even though you cannot participate in any potential appreciation in the level of the Underlying Index.

ooo hoz trading plus

In addition, if the Notes have not been previously called and if the level of the Underlying Index is less than the Initial Level, as the maturity date approaches and the remaining number of Coupon Observation Dates decreases, the Notes are less likely to be automatically called, as there will be a shorter period of time remaining for the level of the Underlying Index to increase to the Initial Level. As a result, the return on an investment in the Notes could be less than the return on a direct investment in securities represented by the Underlying Index.

As a result, you may not receive a Contingent Coupon on any Coupon Payment Date, and you may lose some or all of your initial investment in the Notes.

polaris. Jim Lee | Jim lee art, Marvel comics art, Marvel comic character Ooo hoz trading plus

Companies — The value of the SX7E depends upon the stocks of companies located within the Eurozone, and thus involve risks associated with the home countries of those non-U.

The prices of these non-U.

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These foreign securities may have less liquidity and could be more volatile than many of the securities traded in U. Direct or indirect government intervention to stabilize the relevant foreign securities markets, as well as cross shareholdings in foreign companies, may affect trading ooo hoz trading plus or prices and volumes in those markets.

The other special risks associated with foreign securities may include, but are not limited to: less liquidity and smaller market capitalizations; less rigorous regulation of ooo hoz trading plus markets; different accounting and disclosure standards; governmental interference; currency fluctuations; higher inflation; and social, economic and political uncertainties.

Ooo hoz trading plus

These factors may adversely affect the performance of the SX7E and, as a result, the value of the Notes. Changes in exchange rates, however, may also reflect changes in the applicable non-U.

ooo hoz trading plus

The amount we pay in respect of the Notes on the maturity date, if any, will be determined solely in accordance with the procedures described in this free writing prospectus. As a result, the stocks that will determine the return on the securities are concentrated in one sector. Although an investment in the Notes will not give holders any ownership or other direct interests in the stocks underlying the Underlying Index, the return on the Notes will be subject to certain risks associated with a direct equity investment in companies in the financial ooo hoz trading plus sector.

Accordingly, by investing in the Notes, you will not benefit from the diversification which could result from an investment linked to companies that operate in multiple sectors.

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Any reduction in the market price of those stocks is likely to have a substantial adverse impact on the level of the Underlying Index and the value of the Notes.

While the stocks included in the Underlying Index are common stocks of companies generally considered to be involved in various segments of the European financial services industry, the stocks included in the Underlying Index and the Underlying Index itself may not necessarily follow the price movements of the entire industry.

ooo hoz trading plus

If the stocks included in the Underlying Index decline in value, the Underlying Index will also decline in value, even if common stock prices of other companies in the European financial services industry generally increase in value. As a holder of the Notes, you will not have voting rights or rights to receive dividends or other distributions or other rights that holders of the stocks included in the Underlying Index would have.

ooo hoz trading plus

Furthermore, the Underlying Index and the stocks included in the Underlying Index may appreciate substantially during the term of your Notes, and you will not participate in such appreciation. Any such research, opinions or recommendations could affect the level of the Underlying Index, and therefore, the market value of the Notes.

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