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Take a look at the options below and see which would best work with your image.

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Our customer service representatives can also recommend the best border option and materials for the end use of your product. Contact us to discuss any questions.

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Gallery Wrap The gallery wrap border option is the most common border option, and gives a beautiful professional look to your canvas print. With this option, your image will wrap around the edge of the frame.

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Because part of the photo wraps around the edge of the canvas, this works best if you have some excess area around the edges of the photo. Order Now Mirror Wrap Mirror wrap is similar to gallery wrap, but instead of wrapping the edge of the image around the frame, the image is mirrored to provide extra space.

This border option is great when your image doesn't have much room to stretch around the edge, but be weary that people or objects close to the edge may be mirrored onto the border.

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When you order your print online, you will be able to see a preview of the mirror edge before checkout. When you order your canvas print online, you can select any color to match your room decor or image upload.

Describes the style of the border. It can have the following values: none Like the hidden keyword, displays no border.

This option is great if you have limited space on your image and still want a professional gallery style canvas print. Order Now Frame Ready Mounted This option doesn't wrap around the edge, but is mounted onto option border how it works foam core board.

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Because the foam core board adds rigidity, this could be propped in a stand or easel for display at home, a wedding, bridal shower, company party, or any event. This is also a great option to add your print to a traditional frame.

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We can mount artisan canvas, poster paper, and other flexible materials.