Trading on the news on the economic calendar reviews. Bearish Bias AUD/NZD

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Article Reviewed on November 30, Gordon Scott Updated November 30, As a trader, the economic calendar is one of your best friends. You will only spend one minute with it a day or lessbut that one minute—every day—is crucial if you want to become a consistently profitable day trader.

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  • Advanced Forex Trading on the news: Pros and Cons Most often, the most significant changes in the Forex market occur after the financial, economic and political news and the reaction of the market to them.
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Defining an Economic Calendar An economic calendar shows the scheduled news events or data releases related to the economy and financial markets. New GDP growth rate figures, the latest non-farm payroll numbers, and interest rate decisions—these are all examples of what you may find on an economic calendar.

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There are loads of these economic data releases—at least once a week on average, and sometimes every day during particularly busy weeks. These events are listed on the economic trading on the news on the economic calendar reviews, along with the scheduled time of the release. Each event is graded, and those grades depend on which economic calendar website you use.

Minor events that are expected to have a minimal market impact are either marked as "Low" as in, "low impact" or they may lack any special markings. Events that may have a market impact are marked as "Medium," and they usually have a yellow dot or yellow star beside the event.

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Yellow indicates some caution is warranted at this time. Volatility around the event is typical and expected, regardless of whether the data comes out above, below, or right in line with market expectations.

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Traders know these events cause volatility, and they may decide to sit out while the markets swing by canceling their pending orders.

Those canceled orders cause a drop in liquidity right before a market-moving event occurs.

Trading on the news: Pros and Cons - Advanced Forex on

Since there are fewer orders to absorb market buy or sell orders or stop-loss orders that are triggered by the event, the price will often "whipsaw" quickly back and forth before choosing a more sustained direction. Under normal market conditions, you should know what your risk is on every single trade.

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However, when high-impact data is released, things can drastically change. You face a high chance of slippage a worse-than-expected price on an order.

You can't know exactly what data will be revealed, or exactly how many orders will come into the market upon its release in a reduced-liquidity environment. Because of this unpredictability, professional day traders typically close out their forexstock, or futures positions three-to-five minutes before the high-impact data's release.

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They also avoid taking new trades until after the data has been released. Since that moment of increased risk is scheduled, it can be easily avoided, and it's usually best to do so. If you day trade optionsyou can hold your positions through a major data or earnings release. Many options strategies are designed for trading these types of specific events.

Review What Is an Economic Calendar? An economic calendar is a schedule of data releases and news events that relate to the financial markets and the economy of the world in general. Economic data is released frequently, sometimes on a daily basis, so keeping track of it is essential.

Options are a bit different than other markets, though. Once you buy an option paying the premium your risk is capped—the premium you paid is the potential loss. When you buy an option or close out the trade, you may get slippage, but you can't lose more than the premium you paid.

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An Economic Calendar For Different Markets Whether you trade forex, futures, or stocks, there is an economic calendar for you. Forex and options traders can use dailyfx.

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Earnings have a significant impact on price, just like economic data releases.