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The worksheet in this video can help you get there. When setting up your budget, it is important to include retirement savings. You can save through a retirement plan at work, on your own, or both. The target retirement savings rate tool will help you determine how much you need to save each year.

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The sooner you start saving, the longer your savings have to grow. The worksheet will help you estimate what percentage of your current annual salary you should be saving. While it does not take into account your unique circumstances, it will help you plan for your retirement goals.

This leaves approximately 40 percent to be replaced by retirement savings.

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Keep in mind, this is an estimate and you may need more or less depending on your individual circumstances. How many years do you have left until retirement? The more years you have until retirement, the less you will have to save each month to reach your goal. No matter your age, for every 10 years you delay starting to save for retirement, you need to save 3 times as much each month to catch up.

How long will you live in retirement?

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Based on current estimates, a 65 year old man can expect to live approximately 18 years in retirement, and a 65 year old woman can expect to live about 20 years, but many people live longer. Planning to live well into your 90s can help you avoid outliving your income.

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The worksheet takes into account some factors that impact your retirement savings. First, investing - because it involves risk.

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Your target savings rate includes any contributions your employer makes to a retirement savings plan for you, such as an employer matching contribution. If, for example, you are in a k plan in which you contribute 4 percent of your salary and your employer also contributes 4 percent, your saving rate would be 8 percent of your salary. It gives you a rough idea —a savings goal.

Some may face higher expenses in retirement because of personal circumstances.

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For example, if you or your spouse have a chronic medical condition, you may want to save more. Some may have other sources of income in retirement such as a traditional pension or money from selling a home that would lower their target savings rate.

The important thing is to start saving — even a small amount — and increase that amount when you can. Come back and update this worksheet from time to time to reflect changes and track your progress.

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Here are a few tips on how to save smart for retirement: Start now. Time is critical.

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Start small, if necessary. Use automatic deductions from your payroll or your checking account. Make saving for retirement a habit.

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Be realistic about investment returns. If how to make money for a pensioner video change jobs, keep your savings in the plan or roll them over to another retirement account. You can save your worksheet data there so that you can come back to update it to track progress or adjust for changes.

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You can order a free copy of the Savings Fitness publication or contact a Benefits Advisor with questions electronically at askebsa. Get started today for a secure financial future!

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It can also support your legal dependents spouse, children, or parents with benefits in the event of your death. What's Social Security?

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Social Security is a program run by the federal government. The program works by using taxes paid into a trust fund to provide benefits to people who are eligible. Find how to apply for a Social Security number or bar options replace your Social Security card.

While you work, you pay Social Security taxes.