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The New York Stock Exchange quietly bent the rules and moved the program trading goals posts a few years ago and not one trader in a thousand even noticed it! And especially in New York City!

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Did you notice? Can you tell in the picture?

Menu Ways to monitor stock volume intraday for better market timing Intra-day monitoring of stock volume is a proven way to improve market timing of your entries and exits.

Are you aware? Program Trading is a very secret business.

Rudimentary program trading began in the seventies, with the trades in the program being walked around to the market maker's specialist's posts at the New York Stock Exchange. Since then the techniques have become much more sophisticated and efficient. Today, professional investment managers and brokers can send orders to buy or sell groups of stocks directly from their computers to computers at the exchange.

And all of the exchanges want to keep it that way. That volume is very bad for the PR Department obviously.

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So be aware and get ready for all of the rule bending. And a touchdown is only 3 points.

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The extra point after a touchdown has been eliminated. In baseball a home run now, trading volume program only a double.

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But the NYSE still calls it a home run and not a double run. Pretty cool huh? Smoke and mirrors.

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Each week the NYSE sends out their press releases to the media, and each week the media prints all of that information about program trading. The information is true. But based on what?

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Journalists and their editors never ask that. But the very best Program Trading Firms know it exactly.

Therefore, you have to know it too. If you are unaware of this very secret move by the NYSE and do not have a clue what we are talking about, then you should definitely contact us for more information. We will call you with some private links about program trading and the NYSE.

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