Make money by distributing money, How to Make Money Distributing Products You Love

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Although I am CEO of two indie distribution companies, I am also an indie producer and have been doing this for a long time.

Trends change.

Spotify or Deezer? Soundcloud or Bandcamp?

Distribution outlets and models change. Rev share models change.

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This is nothing new. On Amazon, you have some options. Rental or Purchase is Better First, you can decide to upload only to Instant.

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That said, the US market alone has 95 million Prime subscribers. So, hold back on Prime and set a reasonable rental price for your film.

Invite all of your friends, family, cast and crew to LIKE and follow the official page.

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This helps start to build the audience and awareness. Then, take advantage of their marketing tools and create a few different audience ads.


You can target specifics from the country or even specific cities if you believe your film will resonate in certain areas.

By doing so it will help target people with similar interests and drive the ads into their streams.

  1. Once you have a few finished top songs, share them and build connections via socials on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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On top of the target-specific ones, also make one targeted just toward people who like your page and their friends. You can save these ads so they will always be there. Hook up the Credit Card you wish to use and start to test the waters.

Then watch and see which ads start to resonate and promote those more often.

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Make money by distributing money proactive and hit LIKE when people comment. Answer fan questions. If they say something positive, ask them to please leave a good review on Amazon.

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Same with cast, crew, family, and friends — ask them to leave a good review on Amazon. Promote the film link.

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