Sample share purchase option

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Stockholder hereby grants to Buyer i an option to purchase that portion of the Shares equal to Buyer agrees that if either of the Options are sample share purchase option which exercise shall be evidenced by payment for the Shares and Buyer disposes of the Shares within six months after the date of the exercise of such Option, Buyer will pay to Stockholder one-half of the net profit after reduction for Buyer's expenses incurred for brokerage commissions net of any reimbursements in connection with the exercise of such Option and disposition of such Shares to Buyer from such disposition the "Profit Amount"provided that the Profit Amount is not subject to disgorgement under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act ofas amended.

Solely for income tax purposes, Buyer and Stockholder shall treat any portion of the Profit Amount paid to Stockholder as additional consideration paid by Buyer to Stockholder for purchase of the Shares. Subject to any required approval under the Lady Luck Gaming Laws, either Option may be exercised by Buyer at any time upon two 2 business days' prior written notice to Stockholder, against payment of the sample share purchase option price for the Shares that are subject to such Option.

Stockholder agrees to cooperate with Buyer at Buyer's expense and use all commercially reasonable efforts to assist Buyer in obtaining any approvals required under the Lady Luck Gaming Laws.

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