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An interest rate option is a financial derivative that allows the holder to benefit from changes in interest rates.

Interest Rate Options Definition

Investors can speculate on the direction of interest rates with interest rate options. Interest rate options are option contracts on the rate of bonds like U. Treasury securities. As with equity options, an interest rate option has a premium attached to it or a cost to enter into the contract.

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A call option gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to benefit from rising interest rates. The investor holding the call option earns a profit if, at the expiry of the option, interest rates have risen and are trading at a rate that's higher than the strike price and high enough to cover of the premium paid to enter the contract.

No numerical questions will be set on this topic The cause of interest rate risk Risk arises for businesses when they do not know what is going to happen in the future, so obviously there is risk attached to many business decisions and activities. If the business does not know its future interest payments or earnings, then it cannot complete a cash flow forecast accurately. It will have less confidence in its project appraisal decisions because changes in interest rates may alter the weighted average cost of capital and the outcome of net present value calculations. There is, of course, always a risk that if a business had committed itself to variable rate borrowings when interest rates were low, a rise in interest rates might not be sustainable by the business and then liquidation becomes a possibility. Note carefully that the primary aim of interest rate risk management and indeed foreign currency risk management is not to IR option a business the best possible outcome, such as the lowest interest rate it would ever have to pay.

Conversely, an interest rate put gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to benefit from falling interest rates. If interest rates fall lower than the strike price and low enough to cover the IR option paid, the option is profitable or in-the-money.

The option values are 10xs the underlying Treasury yield for that contract. When Treasury rates move or famous binary options, so do the underlying values of their IR option.

Interest rate options can be entered into using short-term and long-term yields or what's commonly referred to as the yield curve. The yield curve refers to the slope of the yields for Treasuries over time.

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If short-term Treasuries like the two-year Treasury, have lower yields than long-term Treasuries, like the year yield, the yield curve is upward sloping. If long-term yields are lower than short-term yields, the curve is said to be downward sloping.

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Interest rate options trade formally through the CME Group, one of the largest futures and options exchanges in the world. An investor may use options on Treasury bonds and notes, and Eurodollar futures.

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Interest rate options have European-style exercise provisions, which means the holder can only exercise their options at expiration. Also, no delivery of securities IR option involved.

Instead, interest rate options are cash settled, which is the difference between the exercise strike price of the option, and the exercise settlement value determined by the prevailing spot yield.

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Key Takeaways Interest rate options are financial derivatives that allow investors to hedge or speculate on the directional moves in interest rates. A call option allows investors to profit when rates rise and put options allow investors to profit when rates fall.

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Interest rate options are cash settled, which is the difference between the exercise strike price of the option, and the exercise settlement value determined by the prevailing spot yield.

The premium is important because IR option investor must make enough money to cover the premium.

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For an option that expires worthless, its said to be " out of the money. As with other optionsthe holder does not have to wait until expiration to close the position.

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The holder needs to do is sell the option back in the open market. For an options seller, closing the position before expiration requires the purchase of an equivalent option with the same strike and expiration. However, there can be a gain or loss on unwinding the transaction, which is the difference between the premium originally paid for the option and the premium received from the unwinding contract. An interest rate option is often called a bond option and can be confused with binary options.

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However, interest rate options have different characteristics and payout structures than binary options. Limitations of Interest Rate Options Since interest rate options are European-based options, they can't be exercised early like American-style options. However, the contract can be unwound by entering into an offsetting contract, but that's not the same as exercising the option.

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Investors must have a sound grasp of the bond market when investing in interest rate options. Treasury and bond yields have a fixed rate attached to them and Treasury yields move inversely to bond prices.

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As yields rise, bond prices fall because existing bond holders sell their previously-purchased bonds since their bonds have a lower paying yield than the current market. In other words, in a rising-rate market, existing bondholders don't want to hold their lower-yielding bonds to maturity. Instead, they sell their bonds and wait to buy higher-yielding bonds in the future.

As a the concept of an option and types of options, when rates rise, bond prices fall because of a IR option in the bond market. Learn More About Interest Rate Options For investors looking to trade interest rate options, they must understand the dynamics of the bond marketyields, bond prices, and the number of factors that drive interest rates.

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