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Besides, the price of a domestically built device is much lower than the price of foreign solutions. Pre-start heater has smaller overall dimensions, which allows owners of vehicles to get more options for installation.

Livelihood on binary options without investment dimensions will allow to deliver the de Binar - Russian creation which is not inferior to foreign analogues in any way.

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Compact dimensions will allow to deliver the device to any point of the country or world without overpaying for dimensions. The factory provides a warranty on the device for 18 months. The ability of the built-in module to independently identify errors will help car owners quickly find out the cause of the problem, and quickly take measures to eliminate it.

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The error code comparison of binar and webasto be seen on the preheater remote control indicator. It is displayed automatically. Thanks to Binar heater, the period of time spent on gasoline heating is over. This was taken care of by the Russian manufacturer Teplostar, which designed and brought to market a gasoline preheater.

Features and types

In addition, the Binar heater has an improved potential and can function as a gasoline engine heater and preheater up to 4 litersrunning on a liquid cooling system. The device is used to heat the interior and windshield, as well as to remove icing.

View Larger Image When it is warm you can have enjoyable days on the road or at sea. But what if you must make that trip in the cold? What if your business depends on it? The cold weather should not mean that your travel will be in uncomfortable conditions. To ensure your comfort, you will need to consider a heating option for your vehicle or marine vessel.

The device functions independently of the motor. Binar has a few options for controlling the device: A remote timer, which is included in the package and is installed with a bracket or scotch in a convenient place for the driver; If there is a free channel, the device can be controlled by means of an alarm; remote control of SMS commands, voice calls, iOS and Android applications.

What is the result

The device is switched on and off at a set time or when it receives a command from one of the control devices. This is a very economical device: only 0.

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The advantages of the Binar heaters are following: - Compact, can be installed in vertical and horizontal position; - Heater function; - Control from the remote timer; - Possibility to connect a GSM modem instead of or together with a remote control timer.

Control via voice calls or via mobile application for iOS and Android via SMS commands the GSM set is supplied separately ; - Affordable price in comparison with foreign analogues and high quality. When starting the Binar engine preheater, the fuel pump of the heater supplies fuel to the Binar combustion chamber, where a fuel-air mixture is formed, which is ignited by the Binar glow plug.

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The heat generated through the heat exchanger heats up the coolant, which passes through the small engine circuit due to the operation of the liquid heater pump. When the coolant heats up to 85 degrees, the Binar engine heater switches to low-power mode.

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After working the set time minutes or receiving a command from the control device, the Binar heater switches off. Your car will be warmed up and ready to go! The installed Binar engine preheater is connected to the vehicle's fuel and cooling systems and to the on-board power supply.


You can purchase various Binar heaters listed above and parts for them at our store. Why buy on our site? Because we offer only solutions which have been tested by time and Siberian winter. There are no little things in the field of autonomous heating.

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We always remember it and therefore we are never wrong! We offer worldwide international delivery, timely technical support and all the heaters we sell are subject to warranty from the manufacturer. At first we have got customers in all parts of the world and then our customers have become our friends.

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Brake system Autonomous heating of the engine hydronic. The name Webasto in everyday life today is often used to denote the very fact that the power unit is additionally equipped with an autonomous engine heater.

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